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My Man Loves To Eat and Fuck: I Made Him Do Them Both, Together

My boyfriend like most of the men out there is extremely fond of eating and fucking. Well, I love fucking too and getting things interesting everytime we have sex. I like to make things spicier and hotter. He had been very busy lately with all kind of pending work at his workplace that we barely got to see each other, forget even making love. I was craving to get laid and to feel his huge cock in my pussy. I was so desperate that I’d started to imagine all sort of dirty things that I’d do with him as and when we get together. So last night I got my most anticipated and waited moment. He came back from work, tired and hungry. I already knew what I had in mind. I asked him to freshen up himself and take a hot shower so that he could relax his sore […] Read More

When my English teacher taught Student ABC of Fucking: Teacher Porn Story

WHEN MY ENGLISH TEACHER TAUGHT ME ABC of FUCKING Every boy in his teens at some point fantasizes about his English teacher and trust me, I am no different. Not just because my English teacher is actually very hot whose ass swings and sways like two penguins moving, or big boobs (must be size 38 D) and her big tits pop out even from the shirt that she wears, or that I am a 19 year old who has wet dreams every night and wakes up with a hard on!! Keeping this entire stuff aside, there is something about my English teacher that makes me want her even bad. More desperately!! You want to know what, right?? My English teacher resides in my building. She is separated and her reputation is quite bad in my neighbourhood. She was caught having sex with a young lad in the parking. The guard […] Read More

Beach Sex Story : Strangers indulged into dirty sex on the beach

Beach itself is a very romantic place and seductive too where beautiful chicks roam around in sexy two pieces. Ray also went to get some peace and relaxation, on the beach where he saw a curvy sexy blonde who was also sitting on the relaxing bench to have some sunbath. She wore a really sexy thin straps bikini of black color; her boobs were coming out of her bra. Ray was continuously staring at her as his eyes were stuck on her breast. When she saw him, she also started giving him signs with a naughty smile and wink. Of course, he got excited and went to her place for some chit chat. Both were flirting with each other but later it converted into really dirty sex on the beach. She suddenly smooched him with her damplips while talking, he couldn’t resist and initiated that. Smooching was normal on the […] Read More

Rainy day sex with myself edition – 2 Cocks on a Rainy Day

Rainy days are a usual in the hills. It makes the whole thing light and hard at the same time. Light because you think of love and want to feel the presence of someone with you in the house if you are alone (that I was) and hard as you want the lust in you to really get the better of you and make things really nasty and harrrddd down there, especially when you are alone. Out of the two, I like the latter thought more. On that note, I thought of going with what my cock wanted me to do i.e jerk it off!! When you are alone and have all those erotic thoughts in your mind, it’s really difficult to pick one. However, I decided to go with watching porn and instead of just gliding my hand in my boxers to hold my dick and shag it off, […] Read More


Hi! My name is Ria and just recently my boyfriend dumped me. Not that I was serious for him but yeah he was good on bed. He gave me some unmatchable cunnilingus that nobody ever did. So it just happened a few days back and to get over it, I decided to go to Panami’s place for a girls sleepover thing. It was just the two of us and we decided to have some fun (yeah she was trying really hard to make me forget how the asshole dumped me).!! Once we were inebriated and danced our way through the night, she went ahead, in her intoxicated state got excited to show me something. She went inside her dressing room and while I waited. In a few minutes she came, in her black transparent corset that showed her clinched wait and perfectly shaped boobs, ready to come out of the […] Read More

American Woman Ate my Cum Laden Pizza – Hot Sex Story

 I’m a 21-year-old Asian, who delivers pizza. Two days back I went to a house for delivery. A beautiful American woman opened the door. Blond hair and big boobs is all I noticed. I gave the pizza and was about to leave when she asked me for a favour.  She asked me to get in, we went inside, she handed me a sauce jar to open.  I struggled to open it.  I tried a little too hard and though I managed to open it but spilled quite a lot on my shirt and pants and spilled some on the floor too. I apologized . She said, “It’s ok, at least you managed to open it ,I should be cleaning you.” She got a wet wipe to wipe my clothes. She started wiping by moving to my pants and started wiping on my thighs and then slowly she moved up to […] Read More

We Used Sex Swing and the Night Became Unforgettable

I am a sex freak, literally!! Give me anything and I’ll give it a punny meaning and make my wife turn on. Kitchen reminds me of kitchen sex, spoons remind me of spooning, whenever I go for shower, I always pull my wife inside so that we can save water and have some fun inside. We have tried almost everything related to enhance our sex game. Viagra, long lasting sprays, female condoms, sex when she is chumming, sex in the tub, sex on the toilet seat, I have fucked her in the pool, I have banged her on the beach. Yeah, we have had threesomes and I have swapped my wife for promotion as well. She is a meaty female and her assets are to die for!! Because I’ve given her all the pleasure in the world and fulfilled all my fantasies with her, she has become a sex addict […] Read More

Losing my virginity at a College Party – My Virgin Sex Story

I’m Mitchell, a 21 year old virgin male. I have above average looks and physique but still I don’t know how girls sense that virgin-under confidence in me and are not sexually attracted towards me. The other night I went to this college house party at one of my classmate’s place. It was a big house party and we were around 50 odd people and everybody was drunk or high on pot. As always I had no luck and was just standing in the corner having my beer. My college mates considered me a loser and they all knew that I’m a virgin. I really don’t know why being a virgin is considered as a crime in college, my being a virgin made me unattractive to all the girls and to be honest this attitude of theirs made them unattractive to me.   The most beautiful girl of my University, […] Read More

BDSM – A Punishment You will Love – Bdsm stories

Ever watched Fifty Shades of Grey and wondered why Anastasia never complained or fought about the way she treated by Christian Grey?? In fact, such was the impact of that guy that anybody would love to be on the receiving end. If your thoughts resonate with most of the girls out there, then you love the idea of BDSM! BDSM that means, bondage, dominance, submission and masochism, if done correctly, can arouse pleasure instead of pain. It tends to break the monotony of everyday sex and brings a refreshing change in the sex cycle of the couple. The secret ingredient that works wonders for most of the couples and makes sex interesting and exciting is a perfect amalgamation of love and kinkiness for those who are a couple and if you are not then one of these can work two. BDSM adds a lot of kink to your sex and […] Read More


I had gone to attend my cousin’s wedding on behalf of my parents. This was the first time I was traveling alone so was a little apprehensive. My uncle came to pick me up at the airport. He hugged me tight and felt my toned body. I could feel his hardness on hugging me. He kissed on my right cheek and looked very happy that I’d come alone. He told me that I looked pretty and he had seen me when I was very young and I had changed for good now. We sat in the car and he drove me home. I could see him watching me from the corner of his eye. He literally had his eyes on the deep neck blouse that I wore. We came home and got busy with the celebrations and the gathering. I could see my uncle hovering around me the whole day […] Read More

When I Sucked Huge Cock of My Boyfriend’s – BlowJob Sex Story

Blowjob has to be the best thing ever. I mean, who doesn’t like to take a cock in the mouth and suck on the lollypop? I don’t know about others but I definitely love it. The passion and pleasure that it brings along is fucking wild. It is like a starter before the main action.  I love sucking cocks. My boyfriend just can’t get enough of me. Filling my mouth with my boyfriend’s cock is even more exciting than having sex. I like when he cums on my 38 sized boobs, my petite navel, sometimes my ass but I love the most when he ejaculates on my pussy…not inside the pussy, right on the edge of the clit. That’s where I like his explosion the most. He cleans me with his tongue thereafter and we shower together and make out in the shower or where ever we feel like. I […] Read More

Latina Sex : Morning walk changed into dirty sex with a Latina

A guy who was jogging in the park in the early morning, saw a Latina girl who wore tights and looking so hot, was doing exercise at the same time. He stopped while looking at her as her moves were so sexy and in those skin-tight clothes her curves were clearly visible. He went to her side for just normal talk which further changed into Latina sex. Somehow, he insisted her do sex with him for some money so they started finding a place where no one can them. So, he asked her to go to his house which was near to the park and she agreed. And at his house, they both drank first, then went to his bedroom where there was all the kinky stuff available already. She started stripping in a very sexy way by shaking her booty and boobs too. Without clothes, that Latina was looking […] Read More

Sex Swing Porn : How to use sex swing, positions & stand

How to Use Sex Swing Imagining sex on swings can seem fiction but it is not, how will you feel while hanging on a swing and doing sex. There are various types of sex swings available in the market such as ceiling attachable, door attachable, and freestanding are also there. It’s the best way to try new positions and bring spark in your sex life. There are so many such positions that need strength such as a stand and carry where a partner has to hold the other one in koala bear style and for that, you need to be coordinated with your partner, and hip mobility is also required. Of-course it is difficult to do without any support which sex swing can give you. Same in positions like a wheelbarrow or raised dog style, you can easily perform these with the help of swing that can be easily available […] Read More

Kinky Sex Toys : Two sisters who gave pleasure to each other

Two sisters who gave pleasure to each other with kinky sex toys and later a guy treats them like sluts In curiosity, when two sisters were all alone, they decided to do some fun with their sexual desires. So, they took off their clothes and these naked brunettes were so excited to use that kinky stuff the first time. But first, to create some mood they started pressing their own breasts and rubbing the nipples while staring at each other. Then to check the dildo, how deep it can go inside their pussies, they started inserting it and feeling the pain with pleasure. Naked girls were screaming while the time was penetrating but in pleasure.  It was so deep that they could feel but this was not enough, of course, fucking was required so they were using that dildo for fucking each other. It was not their own pleasure now, […] Read More

Hot Wifelover Story : Wife cheated on her husband for an anal fuck

A sexy housewife was all alone at her home and was missing her lover who always fulfills her sexual desires. So, she called him by thinking that her husband is not in the house. Her lover came with a bouquet of roses and smooched her on the door. He quickly opened up the zipper and grabbed her waist while kissing. By throwing all the things with his hand he made her sit on the slab of the kitchen, started opening the zip of her sexy dress, and with the passion he was continuing smooching her. The cheater wife was wondering how to foreplay fast so that they could do the main stuff soon. Her lover removed her sexy lingerie and now she was all naked. He kneeled and asked her to open her legs widely so that he could play with her sexy pussy. He was inserting his wet tongue […] Read More

High school boy wanna try sex cam – Hidden Free Live Sex

Nowadays, pornography has introduced new amendments where a person can see live sex on cam. Already recorded videos are the preference of many peeps but still, some wanted to see everything live for a realistic feel. Same with the case of Michel who was a high school student but had the curiosity of doing sex on cam so he searched one of the porn websites, which has the feature of the sex cam. He chose the girl with whom he liked to do this dirty stuff. She was a sexy blondie who was waiting for him to come live. There was a couch on which she was sitting and started stripping to seduce him. Her red pouts that she was making for him were very sexy as she was playing with her lips. Now, there was the only bikini on her body which was so curvy and sexy. First, she […] Read More

Tantric Sex – Connect Feelings Sensation Energy Surrounding

Sex has various types and forms, but tantric sex is quite different from others. Actually, it’s not only about doing sex but the connection of feelings, sensation, energy, and surrounding. Tantric sex is about the dedication of your body and soul to your partner and expects not only orgasms but awareness and mindfulness. It can provide you an orgasm where you can feel your soul and also prevent you from trauma. It’s a kind of yoga which can provide you with relaxation of mind. Tantric sex is all about controlling your heart, soul, and wellness by balance with the feelings of sexual desires and passion. When you’ll able to do this, then sex would be a thing for healing and empowering for you and there would be magic all around that you’ll feel your soul. Tantric sex is something that truly connects the feelings of two persons, it’s not like […] Read More

Celebrities who did porn | Celebrities Sex nude photography

Celebrities who did porn Porn and mainstream films are closely related to each other as there are so many celebs who worked in the porn industry before getting a break in the film or television industry. Many actors and actresses have done nude photography work either with their happiness or some did that just to had a break in Hollywood. Here the name of some Celebrities, which can surprise you: Jon Hamm: Before becoming a superstar with Mad Men, he worked as a porn set dresser in the 90s. He revealed this in his Vanity Fair Magazine. His work was to manage all the decors and props for porn.   Cameron Diaz: She got fame from the movie “The Mask” but when she was in her late teens, she did a soft porn movie. That porn film got viral even after she tried to stop it.   David Duchovny: The […] Read More

What does sex feel like for Women? All about feeling of Women

This is a question of curiosity among men that how women feel during sex, does it good or not. It’s a feeling which is different for different people even if they have the same organs, some also get surprised while listening that their friends shared the experience which is different in terms of stimulation and orgasm. And if you’ll ask this question directly to the woman then the answer, you’ll get would be totally separate then what other woman told you. It depends on your partner too, if you both respect your likes and dislikes while sex, then it can be a well passionate one. So, the question is about the feeling of women, how they feel but the actual thing peeps want to know is how does a penis feel when inserted into the vagina. Females can’t imagine what they can insert if there is no penis exactly like […] Read More

Teen Pussy Excited to See Huge Cock | Teen Anal Porn Story

It’s a story of a college-going girl who was in her teenage with beautiful tits and very curious about knowing and feeling of taking a dick into her small little pussy. She is a spoilt brat who just does nothing in her college apart from flirting with boys. Her boyfriend is also in the same high school and she was eagerly waiting to have sex with him but there is no place they can go. But today when she came back to her home, she saw that there is no one at her place and it’s a great chance to invite her boyfriend and taste his dick. She gets ready by wearing her short and sexy dress as it is the first time, she got a chance to lose her virginity. As her boyfriend enters his house and Her Pussy was excited to see his cock because she was greedy […] Read More

LESBIAN BDSM- I Taught My Roommate a Lesson of Porn

It’s always a new beginning when we move homes. Ne face, new life, new modifications, everything is new. I recently shifted to a new apartment that I shared with a 20-year-old stubborn female. I call he stubborn because she is in a denial mode every fucking time. I’m senior to her in terms of age and wisdom; still the girl got no manners. For a month I adjusted with her nonsensical behavior this Sunday she drove me crazy to no end. I’d come back from my office, slogging and drenched in sweat and all I wanted was to take a good hot shower.  She was inside and I had waited too long for her to come back, and I sensed she’d be doing it deliberately. I knocked the door hard and she replied that she’d take her own sweet time. It annoyed me to the extent of losing it. I […] Read More

Reason Behind “why girls do porn” 🙎‍♀️ Massive Cock or Bent Over Sex

Girls do porn 🙎‍♀️ The reason behind “why girls do porn” can be different for individuals which can be to earn money or just for sex and fun. Exactly like this, there is a girl whose name is Suzain who wants to do porn at the age of 18. And she looks very excited for her first video for which she is here today. The reason behind this girl doing porn is fun because she wants to enjoy sex along with earn money and get famous. But the first day of shoot seems quite difficult for her. Why? Actually, she is a teen who doesn’t know or never feel such things. What happened next, then? She was watching porn herself until that boy come. While watching the video, she already gets turned on and starts pressing her own little tits. Her one hand was on her pussy over the clothes […] Read More

Saw My Uncle & Aunt Having Sex While Watching Brandi Love Curvy Porn

I was at my uncle’s place for summer vacations in London. To be honest, I found it pretty boring to stay at their house because obviously, what a 20-year-old guy is supposed to do with 50s something couple? At least that’s what I thought till one night when my perception about them changed for good. I was in bed as usual (that’s what I do after dinner, also I watch Indian porn on my tab and secretly masturbate and moan in a hush-hush voice, avoiding any disturbance from my end). Once I was done with my shagging, I wore my shorts, got up to fetch a glass of water. While in the aisle, I heard some noises coming out of my uncle’s room. Of course I could recognize what the noises were of. I could hear my aunt moan. Also there were some other noises but I didn’t really pay […] Read More

Amateur girl enjoyed the oral sex before taking a huge dick inside

A blonde girl invited her boyfriend for a romantic date where they both had dinner together and now it was the time for some love-making. That sexy girl set up the camera to record the video so that they both can enjoy watching it later. The camera was angled towards the bed where they both were going to spread the hotness. The young lady opened the pants of her boyfriend and a huge dark cock came outside which was the after-dinner of that brunette. She kneeled and started licking the top of his dick slowly and moving it up and down with her both hands. After that smooth touch by the tongue, she started throbbing the big cock like a lollipop. He was enjoying this deep throat by his girlfriend as it was the first time he experienced that from her. There was a sensual feeling all around when she […] Read More


Being an assistant to a female boss has its own perks. You can do girls talk and share emotions with each other. Or at least I used to think like this until I joined another company. My boss is a 40 year old lady but nobody can tell because of her persona and aura. My expectations totally went for a toss when I realized that she is nothing like what I had thought about my female ideal boss. She on the other hand, was quite the opposite. Extremely strict, a total control freak who can kill anyone for bringing a wrong file. I became a mere pawn in her hands. She would scold, insult and threaten me on even minor faults of mine. In normal circumstances I would have quit the job, but I needed the job desperately. On a Saturday afternoon I was asked to come to office urgently. […] Read More

Step Mom Lesbian MILF desired to do sex with Virgin Teen Lana Rhoades

Hot step mom desired to do scissoring with her sultry teen step daughter Lana Rhoades A young girl whose name was Lana Rhoades and she was very upset by her dad because he recently got married again right after her mother’s death. She didn’t like her stepmom at all as there was no bonding between them even after a few months. Lana Rhoades was a little teen who just loves to use social media and for that, she always took so many pics to upload. Once her step mom came to her room and tried to talk to her but she wasn’t interested at all and kept herself busy in her selfies. The lady asked her stepdaughter if she can help her in that then she agreed but still not liking her. Her step mother was telling her to make different poses and when she got comfortable with her then […] Read More

Girl on Girl – Naked girls want rough & hard lesbian sex in the shower

In this lockdown, don’t make yourself bored and try to do some fun. This is what exactly two girls did last night. Ama and Emily both are living together in a flat as both in love with each other. They were actually thinking about doing something that they never did before and Ama was already feeling naughty so gave her idea to do sex in the shower which seemed interesting to Emily as it was a long time, they hadn’t done sex. Ama asked Emily to stay outside until she would ask her to come as she was creating a very romantic ambiance by lightening the candles in their bathroom and flowers all over there with a very intimate scent. When Emily entered there, she was amazed to see those beautiful and pleasurable things as Ama had arranged so many things to make her turn on and she got successful. […] Read More

Hot Blonde Naked Girls Wanted to Fuck the Same Guy

Jack was passing through the street and saw two hot naked girls named Dani daniels and Nicolette shea standing and waving him from their window. He got excited to see those sluts and asked them in sign language if he can come. And they said yes. He came to their house and saw two gorgeous girls without clothes even though they removed their bikinis too. With huge boobs, clean pussy and big round ass, both were looking so sexy and started smooching each other in front of Jack. He was amazed to see this scene and come into the mood. Girls started sucking the nipples and rubbing the pussies right against that boy to excite him because both these hot ladies wanted a really hard dick to get fucked Then, Jack himself removed his clothes and started masturbation while seeing those sultry babes sucking each other’s pussy. He came so […] Read More

Xname Xname Porn – Spank Bang Sex to Fuck Leah Gotti

Every person has different fantasies to get intimate with someone and that is how a man named Joy has. He used to see Spank bang xname porn videos and always keen to try this always. Once he went to a party and met a girl named Leah Gotti who had worn a great lacy dress. she was very sexy and had a great figure as her boobs and ass were in great proportion. He was amazed to see her beauty and also, she was staring at him for a long time. After that, he started talking to her and she was continuously flirting with him. Joy was very excited when he initiates his talks towards his fantasies while looking at her big boobs and what happened next is exactly what he desired. Leah Gotti was looking so interested to go with Joy, and their next spot was Joy’s house. He […] Read More


Ever since I’ve started having sex with my long time girlfriend, we had the best of times according to me. I used to think the same till the time in a fight she confessed of faking orgasms. That was a major blow because I thought I gave her the ultimate pleasure and even considered myself to be amazing in bed. Turns out, things were not as they seemed. Our foreplays were amazing, we both are very wild whenever we are in our passionate love making game, then how come she never had an orgasm?? I’ve had them a multiple times. The only reason I could understand was that I use to climax very quickly, whereas my girlfriend would just start to get pleasure. Now every time I fucked, it was no longer the same.  I tried and put extra efforts in sustaining through the fuck session, but in no less […] Read More

Maitland Ward Best Porn Actress Nude Diva – Boy Meets World

Maitland Ward, an actress, model and a porn star who earn a lot of fame with her debut in Boy Meets World as Rachel McGuire and The Bold and the beautiful as Jessica Forester. Though, almost after 20 years of her career as an actress in soap-opera, she decided to move towards the porn industry. First, she started sharing her nude pictures on social media to get attention from the people. And she had told in one interview that she hadn’t opened herself in those soap operas that much which she comes out in porn videos. In fact, she was also get nominated for best Porn Actress at the age of 42. She does various categories of videos either it is MILF or lesbian. She is very good at acting in the videos where she loves to suck the cock and even pussy of another lady. In her porn movies, […] Read More

Best Comfortable Different Sex Positions For Fun & Weird

Enjoy Sex Positions If you want to know about best sex positions, then the first mind it that sex is a feeling of pleasure that should not be uncomfortable. And there are ample of different intimate positions (nearly more than 45) among which favorable choice is different for different people. Some like to do sex by facing each other or some do it to feel orgasm and some like to do hand job or anal sex too. And for such fantasies, there are so many positions which one can try according to their interest. But here are some postures which can be comfortable for all and have sex easier for folks who are doing the first time: Missionary In this position, mostly girls open their legs widely and straddle their leg on their partner and this is especially for those who want to feel the connection with each other because […] Read More

Blonde lady who became a whore to get promotion by watching free porn

This free porn story is about a girl who works in an office and one day she got late due to some really urgent work. All the employees were gone except her boss who was very handsome. Her boss was looking her all around from his cabin as she was looking very gorgeous in her formal cloths. A tight pants from which the shape of her round ass was so clear and the shirt whose top button was open and it seems like her tits wants to come out as her cleavage was clearly seen. Her boss called her in his cabin as he was turned on by just staring at her. He approached her for the promotion for her hard work by asking her for making out. And guess what? She agrees. Her boss insisted her to see free porn video first, so that they can make out in […] Read More


I am a 27 year old living alone. I know guys find me hot mostly because of my 34 DD breasts and ‘come to bedroom’ eyes. I don’t know why though but from my eyes it always looks like that I am looking for some action.I recently moved to a new apartment. I love staying all by myself, as I can be any way I like. I think one of the major reasons of me masturbating so much is that I don’t wear clothes at home. I like it just plain butt naked. I don’t know why but being naked the whole day gets me aroused for no other reason whatsoever.  It’s a must try, guys. Let them boobies and ding-dongs hang out a little, free from the shackles of them uncomfortable bras and panties. I tried my hands on baking one time and thought of borrowing some cocoa from […] Read More

Scary Sex Story to Tell in the Dark

My boyfriend and I had a huge fight the other night. It must be one of those several nights when we would sleep without having sex.  It’s very funny for people who have sex on a regular basis, to go without it. It’s like teasing each other which your naked bodies, which run into each other at night and then it’s difficult to control. I’ve had certain encounters in which after nasty fights, I’ve felt my boyfriend secretly rubbing his hard against my ass, thinking I’d slept.  After getting his cock charged enough, I would hear a mixture of sounds, both of moaning and that of his jerking off beside me. But this fight was really ugly. It took the better of us and I didn’t want to even sleep with him in the same room. He was in some other room (pretty sure he’d watch our old videos of […] Read More

Bored Slut Surprises Her New Date With Damp Lips

The horny brunette slut had had a boring week.  She had been on a few dates, but she hadn’t found anyone capable of giving her the fucking she so desperately needed.  She decided that she couldn’t leave it to chance for the weekend, so she messaged her ex boyfriend, Steve, who had the most magnificent cock she had ever enjoyed.  After a brief chat, they arranged to meet up the next evening. Wanting to make absolutely sure that he would give her the hardest fuck of her life, the stunning, petite girl remembered a fantasy that he’d mentioned when they were dating.  He’d always wanted to have a girl show up at his house wearing nothing but a coat and a pair of stockings.  Getting ready for her date took her longer than usual, as she had to pause every few minutes to stroke her pussy, which was soaking wet […] Read More

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It’s been one month to our relationship and Leena has given me the best orgasms in just fucking one month. My oral sex life is great, I mean we can foreplay and eat each other’s private parts for days. She has sucked my cock while driving, while bathing, in the trial room, in the cinema hall, in the balcony and even in a public event…yes, you heard it right. I go down on her when she’s in the kitchen, when she is eating or sleeping with her best friend. I secretly go inside the room and eat her pussy as if it its my territory. We have been behaving like a bunch of crazy wild sex maniacs, not that we are not!! When she is not around, I can go on masturbating thinking about the details of our fuck sessions and can throw my load on her panties, on her […] Read More

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Porn can be a visual film, written story, or animated also which portrays the different sexual subjects. But it is legal in some countries whereas, in other, it is not legal due to some morality reasons though, still, there are so many people who watch or read porn for their personal pleasure. It contains so many subjects that you must know if you are one of those porn lovers and want to feel that delight. Because you can learn so many things about intimate positions and can find which is your most favorite subject in pornography that you also want to try. Listed below is the list of porn : Amateur Porn: When it comes to porn, peeps think about very sexy models who seem so experienced along with the visuals from every angle but it’s a kind of imaginary sex. Whereas, there are still many people who love to […] Read More


I sat on my berth, waiting to have some family to share the compartment with as the train was relatively empty. No passengers in the nearest apartment, which made me freaked out. It would have been good if I had somebody traveling with me so that the journey is not tedious and scary. I wait for sometime, but in vain. The train moves and I start reading a book. We must have crossed two stations when suddenly I wake up from sleep and see a man before me, sitting exactly on the opposite berth. The man must be in his late thirties or early forties, as his salt and pepper look stated. I pretend that I’m still asleep as check out his chiseled body while he stretches himself to keep his luggage. His muscles talked a lot about his fitness. He was too hot for his age. I could sense […] Read More

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“ Suck my boobs harder and remove my nighty, undress me completely. I want you to see me completely nude”, she commanded. I was hysterical..I did what she said and sucked her harder ..she moaned and moaned…ahhhh…she came towards me and moaned right into my ears..I could feel her breathe heavily. She then inserted her tongue in my mouth and played with my tongue while I kept squeezing her boobs.She then held my hand and put it inside her legs,” cares my pussy now and put your finger inside it”! I obey. I play with her pussy as if playing a piano, wetting it, and moving it up down her inner thighs. Read More

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There was something about my maid that always signaled me that she’d be great on bed. I’d imagined many wet nights with her. The way she moves her ass while mopping the floor is something that can turn even a dead man on. Her curvaceous body is to die for and with a man’s intuition I can vouch for that she is a great cocksucker. Her fuller damplips make me imagine that. It would be anybody’s dream to make her lips tastes the hot white cum oozing out of gigantic dicks. As house help, she used to reside with us and on many occasions I had clicked her pictures while she would bathe. Damnnnnnn!! I’ve made love with my wife on a couple of occasions after seeing her nude pictures. They get me all horny and hard and I fuck my wife like a starved wild beast, imagining her with […] Read More


Dressed in my tight little white dress, with a deep neckline I was ready to leave for the party when the bell 🔔 rang. Expecting my friend to pick me up, I stormed towards the door. “ I’m here to serve you Ms….”. The guy was dressed in his brown plumbing suit, a little shabby for his looks, but somehow added to his appeal. Reluctantly, I let him in and showed him the way to the shower area. While he started fixing the showerhead 🚿, I went out to ring up my friend who was apparently coming to pick me up. He would take another 40 minutes to reach and here I was… all alone with this stranger; dressed in my best possible definition of revealing clothes👙 . Exasperated, I went to the bathroom to check the progress so that he could leave as early as possible. The moment I stepped […] Read More

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This is the time of summers when a young lady named Shiny who was an entrepreneur used to go out for her regular work. Right above her floor, there is one couple living who always fight with each other. Once, shiny was going outside and used a lift to go on the ground floor, there she met that lady who was living on the next floor and her name was Liza. Liza was continuously looking at the Shiny’s figure which was so attractive, anyone can dream naughty about her and Liza was also getting into it. Shiny has noted that Liza is observing her wholly like boys do. She started talking to her normally and meanwhile the lift stopped. This was the first meeting of these two ladies. Co-incidentally, they again met near the lift at next day morning, and Shiny get clearance this time that Liza is attracting to […] Read More

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Read Our Sex Story How we Do fun While Playing Sex Game I always have a thing for women older to me. There is something about their erotic, voluptuous bodies that give me the thrill and make me hard even when I watch them from a distance.  Whenever I see the full bosom of any woman who is in her past forties, I imagine my tongue swirling 😝 around the itty bitty titties and juggle myself into them. A woman’s melons do make me go weak in the knees but really really strong and hard between the knees…(slightly above them). While I had been eyeing and dirty dreaming about the babaloos, little did I know that my fantasies were about to get real and how!!! When my butterfaced neighbor invited me for dinner, I knew I’ll be having more  some big spongy muffins. “ I thought we can give each […] Read More

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It was that chilly night of January and I was in no mood to sleep through the night alone. I rang up my friend to come over for a sleep over. She preferred bring other friends so that we can simply have a slumber party. Around 9’o clock the bell rang and we all got together and had enough drinks to collapse. While the others crashed on the floor, it was this really nerdy and shy looking guy of the lot who I caught staring at my sheer nightdress. Being super drunk myself, I enjoyed the gaze for some reason. I took it one step forward and in a teasing manner, removed my red bra 😀 👙 while showing it off to him. I could see something grow between his as soon as I got rid of my bra. There was something crazily horny about seeing a man’s private part […] Read More


Who would have thought that the lockdown, which is taking a toll on some people, would prove extremely wonderful for me? So I had gone to visit my aunt when the whole virus scare started. Her daughter is around 18 her innocent smile tells me that her pussy is tight and she is dying to taste the juicy semen flowing out of my dick. So my aunt had to go to visit her friend one time and I was more than happy to see her off. This meant,  my bootilicious cousin and I would get one night where I’d break into her pussy and eat it with all I have. The moment came sooner than I’d expected. Seemed like the little slut had been waiting for this opportunity. She went to the kitchen, grabbed some whipped cream and spread it all over her inner thighs right up to her pink […] Read More Protection Status
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