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Bent Over Pussy


Hi! My name is Ria and just recently my boyfriend dumped me. Not that I was serious for him but yeah he was good on bed. He gave me some unmatchable cunnilingus that nobody ever did. So it just happened a few days back and to get over it, I decided to go to Panami’s place for a girls sleepover thing. It was just the two of us and we decided to have some fun (yeah she was trying really hard to make me forget how the asshole dumped me).!!



Once we were inebriated and danced our way through the night, she went ahead, in her intoxicated state got excited to show me something. She went inside her dressing room and while I waited. In a few minutes she came, in her black transparent corset that showed her clinched wait and perfectly shaped boobs, ready to come out of the grip. “Let’s have some actual fun without talking or thinking about men”. She picked up a belt, jerked it at me and said “we are going to have our own celebration tonight”.

She held my hand and made me stand. It was like I had suddenly started watching some lesbian porn where one partner was trying to seduce the other. I fancied the idea and played along. I unbuttoned my satin upper and remained in my sheer bra. I touched my boobs and showed it off to her. “You are sexy, damn that bastard who left you, come here…come here, I’m going to fuck you tonight, like a lesbian, and I will give you the best cum”, she pulled me towards her and kissed on my lips. It was a girly kiss for the first few seconds, but became a passionate hard core one when we started biting each other’s lips so hard that we didn’t care anymore.

I could feel her waist from her corset and she felt my bare waist, writhing against each other. We could both feel our pussies becoming wet and wetter by the second. I touched her down by making my through pushing her panties aside, then I touched myself. Panami got aroused by the touch of my fingers and started caressing my breasts, sucking and nibbling my tits.  She pressed me against a wall, removed my panties by staring right in my eyes, removed her panties, spread my legs and pushed her slender fingers in my bushy cunt.

My wetness has reached my inner thighs and she ran her fingers everywhere. My pussy was becoming greedy now and she could tell by the way of my moaning “aaahhhh….mmm…it feels so good…my pussy is soo wet”! She kneeled on the floor and kissed me gently on my cunt first and said “ your pussy is wet and I’m thirsty, can I drink”…her soft lips exploring my pussy lips, my clit and my hole, her tongue moving everywhere it could. I pull her hair and bring her face as tightly to my cunt to give her the complete taste of my bentoverpussy, I can’t help but moan. Unable to take it more, I make her stand, undress her completely.

Both completely naked and close, she grinds her pussy on mine and I kiss her neck and dig my nails on her back, I then take my fingers down to her but hole and insert it and start rubbing myself against her, spanking her , “aah…fuck…harder…” is all I uttered. While I’m on the verge to cum, I again pull her hair and make her lie on the floor this time and without waiting a minute sit on her, like two lesbians making love, passionately my pussy damplips smooching her mouth “Ohhhhh; Ohhhh, yesssss, yessss, YESSSSSS…..“, I’m moan, about to orgasm. “Oh fuck… YESSS I’m…”, I cum in her mouth and we kiss again, this time liplocking!! “Do you need a man now?”, she asks. I don’t say anything, smile, and go down on her, knowing its my time to drink her cum.

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