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Amateur girl enjoyed the oral sex before taking a huge dick inside

A blonde girl invited her boyfriend for a romantic date where they both had dinner together and now it was the time for some love-making. That sexy girl set up the camera to record the video so that they both can enjoy watching it later. The camera was angled towards the bed where they both were going to spread the hotness.

The young lady opened the pants of her boyfriend and a huge dark cock came outside which was the after-dinner of that brunette. She kneeled and started licking the top of his dick slowly and moving it up and down with her both hands. After that smooth touch by the tongue, she started throbbing the big cock like a lollipop. He was enjoying this deep throat by his girlfriend as it was the first time he experienced that from her. There was a sensual feeling all around when she started sucking his balls while rubbing the dick with her hands.

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She was looking so gorgeous while taking his dick deep inside her mouth but now it was his turn to give pleasure to his girl. So, he pushed her on the bed and sank his head between her legs. It was the hottest sex they were enjoying after so long and that even was recorded. He started playing with her clit by touching his tongue there and made her begging to do harder. She got horny at the same time and those soft moans changed into screaming with pleasure. She was holding his head to go deep inside her pussy as she was jerking him off.

Amateur girl enjoyed oral sex before taking a huge dick inside

Amateur girl enjoyed oral sex before taking a huge dick inside

After this oral fuck, they decided to fuck in some different position and she lied down on the edge of the bed by tilting towards her right side so that he can fuck her from behind. First, he found the hole with his finger and then put the massive cock onto it to jerk off. She screamed loudly as it was painful at that time but when he started moving his dick inside out then she was getting hotter. That vigorous pounding made her super horny who was asking him to fuck hard. Then after a few moments, they changed the position and she climbed on top of him in a cowgirl posture by facing him. The shaft was in her pussy and now she had the whole control to go as intensely as she wanted. He was also helping her by moving his butts and meanwhile he was rubbing and sucking her boobs. All their sex positions were recorded in the camera as they were doing this by keeping in mind that they had to face the camera clearly. After this session, she again kneeled down and sucked his dick and he was about to cum. He loaded all on her face which was so slutry. Then they both had a shower for the cleanup together.
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