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Beach Sex Story : Strangers indulged into dirty sex on the beach

Beach itself is a very romantic place and seductive too where beautiful chicks roam around in sexy two pieces. Ray also went to get some peace and relaxation, on the beach where he saw a curvy sexy blonde who was also sitting on the relaxing bench to have some sunbath. She wore a really sexy thin straps bikini of black color; her boobs were coming out of her bra.
Beach Sex Dirty Stranger Sex

Beach Sex Dirty Stranger Sex

Ray was continuously staring at her as his eyes were stuck on her breast. When she saw him, she also started giving him signs with a naughty smile and wink. Of course, he got excited and went to her place for some chit chat. Both were flirting with each other but later it converted into really dirty sex on the beach. She suddenly smooched him with her damplips while talking, he couldn’t resist and initiated that.

Smooching was normal on the beach but they decided to do something different and he got the chance to touch her huge boobs from which he got seduced the most. Her breast was so soft and he was enjoying doing this while kissing. But it was not the thing he wanted to restrict but moving his hands on her whole body to feel the warmth. Now, his fingers were searching her pussy, and he started massaging it over her panty but after a few seconds she asked him to touch under the panty which was already too thin.

Both started sobbing as it was the foreplay in a very good environment but some people around them were watching them which they didn’t care about. He was playing with her cunt so that she could feel the sensation in her body. His fingers were playing a great role by getting inside her vaginal hole and she started moaning at that time. It was the time of using tongue now, he started fucking her by licking and inserting the tongue in her hole which made her horny and wanted to eat man meat now. So, he took off his shorts and started sucking his huge dick, like a professional whore.

She was looking so fucking gorgeous at that time while eating his balls too which made him harder. They were making great use of that bench while doing beach sex. He asked her to bend on that so that he could fuck her from behind in her ass and she was excited about that. He slowly inserted his dick in her ass hole and then started fucking for so long as he was feeling so good.

Not only anal sex, but they also did vaginal fuck in so many positions. Her screaming was going louder and louder with time. Peeps around them were making their bentoverpussy videos but they didn’t stop and enjoyed this new experience. With so much fuck, he came on her boobs which she held in her hands to get filled.

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