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Saw My Uncle & Aunt Having Sex While Watching Brandi Love Curvy Porn

I was at my uncle’s place for summer vacations in London. To be honest, I found it pretty boring to stay at their house because obviously, what a 20-year-old guy is supposed to do with 50s something couple? At least that’s what I thought till one night when my perception about them changed for good. I was in bed as usual (that’s what I do after dinner, also I watch Indian porn on my tab and secretly masturbate and moan in a hush-hush voice, avoiding any disturbance from my end).

Once I was done with my shagging, I wore my shorts, got up to fetch a glass of water. While in the aisle, I heard some noises coming out of my uncle’s room. Of course I could recognize what the noises were of. I could hear my aunt moan. Also there were some other noises but I didn’t really pay heed to it. My massive cock, which I had put to sleep after giving it a good massage had started to throb inside me again. I had of course seen porn on many occasions and all the sounds and noises they make in there are just the same. This was new. I haven’t heard anyone moan like this ever before, and that too live. All the lights were off, so it was easy for me to tip-toe towards their room. What I found out literally blew my mind. The icing on the cake!

Their bedroom door had a little creak and took my chance and peeped inside. Eyes glued on the door, hand on my cock, without any movement I took a sneak peak inside to see what they were up to. Honestly what I saw inside was quite unexpected. I’d expected a slow, boring sex from the couple which will give me the second orgasm for the night as I’d be witnessing an old hag and MILF making out, but to my surprise, they had turned on some porn on TV. So I got my answer for the other noises and soon my attention diverted to my aunt, who was stark naked. She looked like nothing less than a MILF too. She was on her knees and sucking on too my uncle’s crotch. My own cock had started to grow erect and sturdy seeing the scene. While this continued for two minutes and I did not get enough of what I wanted, I paid attention to what was there on the screen.

Brandi Love Curvy Porn Saw My Uncle & Aunt Having Sex While Watching

Brandi Love Curvy Porn Saw My Uncle & Aunt Having Sex While Watching

Whatttt! It was Brandi Love!! She was doing the same thing with a hot guy on screen. The guy then turned her and alternately started to lick her pussy and ass. My uncle and aunt followed the same thing. Their moaning mingled with that of Brandi Love, the only difference was that she was wild and horny, they were having a hard time trying to match with her horniness. I now started to imagine both Brandi and my aunt’s lips on my dick, which I took it out of my boxers. All ideas of threesomes had started to pollute my mind by now.

My uncle was constantly and alternatively licking and sucking her ass and her cunt and he did something wild then. I think he got raunchy seeing two naked women in front of him- his wife, who he sees everyday and Brandi- everyone’s dream. He spanked my aunt’s butt and licked his finger well before putting it I side her butthole. “aaaahhhh…what are you doing damn it?” My uncle did not stop,rather he liked it! And started doing it even more wildly! I could see him facing the TV, laughing wildly, eyes shut and expressions of receiving immense pleasure.

   Next Brandi, made the guy lie on the floor and sat on his face, so that the guy gets a taste of her pussy juice. As expected, my uncle did the same. He said in a whispering voice, “ Come, turn and sit on me, I want your vaginal lips to smooch my lips, sit on my face, choke me with your cunt”.

Next I saw, uncle on the floor, and aunt sitting right on his face. This was the wildest thing ever. Brandi and aunt, both of them getting their jobs done by making their partners suck and lick their vagina. It was erotic as hell. I started going wild with my dick and started to stroke it more than ever. I just wanted to come in any of their pussies, or may be in one pussy and one mouth, while making my uncle watch all of it. Now it was my aunt who was in front of the TV, and seeing Brandi jumping on her partner, to make her pussy eaten properly by him, aunt did the same. “aaah…eat my sweet delicious pussy…ahhh and make me come….I am your Brandi Love for today, I am your bitch”. This made me super horny and I just shagged and shagged till I came on the door and exploded. While my thing ended, I suddenly heard my aunt scream “aaahhhh…I’m cuming…ahhhh”, she had come in my uncle’s mouth.

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Come suck on my dick and make me come too”, my uncle said in the same husky voice, I can’t take it anymore, I think I’ll come the moment my cock touches your damplips”. Brandi was in her sex game too and the guy did anal with her. The moment Brandi shouted, my uncle sighed a deep moan and it was over. He had filled my aunt with his semen. Both of them kissed each other for a while and then my uncle turned off the TV and slept. I had got the two best orgasms in one night, so I happily went to grab a cloth to wipe off my mess on the door. The next morning when my aunt called me for brekie, I smiled and looked at her thinking about last night’s threesome.

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