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I sat on my berth, waiting to have some family to share the compartment with as the train was relatively empty. No passengers in the nearest apartment, which made me freaked out. It would have been good if I had somebody traveling with me so that the journey is not tedious and scary. I wait for sometime, but in vain. The train moves and I start reading a book.

We must have crossed two stations when suddenly I wake up from sleep and see a man before me, sitting exactly on the opposite berth. The man must be in his late thirties or early forties, as his salt and pepper look stated. I pretend that I’m still asleep as check out his chiseled body while he stretches himself to keep his luggage. His muscles talked a lot about his fitness. He was too hot for his age. I could sense my panty getting wet merely by looking at him.  His top three open buttons made me see his masculinity even closely. His chest hair, his nipples showing off from his white shirt…every thing was a sight to behold. With my eyes closed yet somewhat open to check him out , I then went on to be marveled at his manhood, which was as expected. It was making its presence felt right from his trousers.

From inside the blanket, I put my hand inside my panty to feel the wetness of my pussy. I could just masturbate looking at him, that was the condition of my cunt. He then bent down and picked up another bag and showed his backside to me. His ass was the most desirable thing ever and could give anyone wet dreams. I wished I were a guy who would have pierced him with my cock in his anus. Thinking of that made me hornier. I must have sighed being in a trance without realizing that I was loud enough to be heard by him. He turned and smiled, all settled and sat on his seat.

“Hi! I hope I didn’t wake you up”, he said with his husky voice. “Not in the least…I quickly took out my hand from my panty”.

We exchanged names and talked about other useless things which we didn’t care about. I was midnight and time to sleep. I felt pretty cold in my blanket and kept shivering the entire time. He noticed and offered me to use his blanket instead. “What will you use then, it is very cold”,I hesitated. “I’m not in a mood to sleep and will sit back and watch some movie instead..hey..why don’t you come on my berth and we watch a movie together?? We can feel warm by being close and sharing blankets.” “Ok! Said I instantly as if waiting for the moment. We watch some random movie on his Ipad when an intimate scene plays on the screen. The next moment we are smooching each other greedily and he’s all over me. He is eating me inside out without taking a break.

In a minute we were both naked and didn’t care about the cold. He inserted his three fingers in my pussy, which was wet enough to welcome them.  “Aaahhhh…fuck me now…I’ve been wanting to get fucked the minute you stepped in”, said I. “I will fuck you…I will fuck your ass tonight, I’m forty and I have fucked many cunts before and a few asses, but you ass has some magic, he said and slapped me on my ass”. He spat on his palm and lubricated my ass, not wet enough, he rubbed my cunt and took some juice from there and spread my ass again. He rubbed his cock and made my ass wet enough with his precum before inserting his fingers. He rubbed my butt cheeks and kissed my rim hole, licked his with his warm tongue. He moved his fingers up and down my ass and pussy. He does the same with his cock. Suddenly, I feel something really big going inside my asshole and “aaahhhhhhhhh….stop….nooooo…….please……..stoppp….take it out…….ahhhh”, but in vain. He shuts my mouth and sticks his cock inside me. My crack is about to tear in pain it feels. After the initial pain I like the penetration .”Fuck me now……I like it…ahhhhh……damn…fuck me….feel my ass…” an hear him moan in pleasure…”aah..my big cock and your tight little hole….fuck..so good…I can fuck you like this the whole night..ahhh..aahhh” .He sits and I Sit on him, making his cock go even deeper in my ass… I crave him to be deeper in my ass, I tell him, “Fuck it hard,” I rub my dripping cunt as he grinds me from the back. He starts to pound faster, deeper and harder before he takes out an intense moan and stops with a thud….”aaahhh…I keep sitting on him, with his cock in my ass, filling me with hot liquid, his lips on my back and hands on my boobs. We rest for a while and I’m ready to get my pussy fucked now. The best train journey one could ever have and amazing anal sex i had…

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