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Hot Sex on a Wintery Night – Devour my boobs – Our Damplips

It was that chilly night of January and I was in no mood to sleep through the night alone. I rang up my friend to come over for a sleep over. She preferred bring other friends so that we can simply have a slumber party. Around 9’o clock the bell rang and we all got together and had enough drinks to collapse. While the others crashed on the floor, it was this really nerdy and shy looking guy of the lot who I caught staring at my sheer nightdress.

Being super drunk myself, I enjoyed the gaze for some reason. I took it one step forward and in a teasing manner, removed my red bra 😀 👙 while showing it off to him. I could see something grow between his as soon as I got rid of my bra. There was something crazily horny about seeing a man’s private part magnify from over the trousers. I felt empowered seeing the dick dying to come out but in vain, his shy self inhibited him. Although I knew, he’d show some balls(literally) tonight as he was totally wasted. And I was right!!!

The guy who earlier had shown a hint of movement between his legs on seeing my brown nipples protruding from my white see through nighty, all of a sudden became proud of his manhood and decided to tease me with it. He moved his hands on to his cock and slowly just unzipped his pants and gave me a glimpse of his popsicle which looked strong and yum. Damnnn!!!he really took my attention and made me stare madly at it.  Yesss…I was sexually starved and wanted to let myself loose that night. Moreover, that average guy’s above average dick sight had given me the hots! I had already imagined myself grinding him. Nothing else mattered to me for the next few hours. I didn’t care if there were people sleeping all over the floor and had occupied my bed. I got up from the chair, moved towards the couch where he sat and grabbed him from his cock. He indeed was taken by surprise.

Hot Sex on a Wintery Night - Devour my boobs - Our Damplips

The touch of the cock felt magical as it grew even bigger the size than I expected it to be. While he was just moaning because of the stroking I did to his penis, I whispered in his ear and asked him to remove my panty. I opened my legs wide to make it convenient for him to remove the tiny little piece of cloth that came between his hands and my pussy, which was already wet with the cunt juice. He put his hands on my panty, rubbed it and felt the wetness.He suddenly bent over my pussy. The way he explored my pussy with his fingers made me sure that we are in for some hot sex.
I could feel his fingers going deep inside my cunt got me moaning aaahhhhh….😍;“but he suddenly pressed my lips with his other hand and reminded me that there were people who were asleep. I suddenly realized that we were making out on a couch, in a dark room, surrounded by sleeping bodies. Before anyone could wake up, I removed my nightdress, revealing my naked hot body to a nerd who was my thirst quencher 💦. Before I took over him and got ready to grind him by throwing him on the couch and ripping his clothes apart, I wanted to give him the taste of my aroused pussy’s nectar. I removed his wet fingers from my cunt and put them in his mouth and asked him if it was sweet enough to be fucked.

This little 👅 sluttishness of mine made his throbbing erection pop out of his pants and it was perfectly sized up for me to sit on it. I sat in a forward cowgirl position Woman on top is even more satisfying when the partner is submissive like this nerd who was getting grinded by me on the couch. I went up and down in a rhythmic motion and held his hair so that I’m in full control. “Fuccckk me hardd you bitch”, was all I could hear. While my eyes shut in pleasure, I gave him a full glance of my boobs bouncing up and down. He clenched my boobs in his hands and I bent down to let him have them more. My naked legs entwined with his, my pussy on his dick and his dick deep in me, our naked bodies that were glued to each other and my apple cheeks in his mouth, I made him devour my boobs and went harrdddd on him for the last grind as I opened my eyes and saw his face which screamed “‘I’m about to cum…”..My cunt shouted the same thing.

All the aaahhhhhhh ummmmms culminated to a sudden silence. I felt the hot lava  like cum flow inside my pussy.  Tired of riding the cock for considerable time, I lay on top of him, our bodies damp with sweat on a chilly night, made us forget the winter blues.

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