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Hot Wifelover Story : Wife cheated on her husband for an anal fuck

A sexy housewife was all alone at her home and was missing her lover who always fulfills her sexual desires. So, she called him by thinking that her husband is not in the house. Her lover came with a bouquet of roses and smooched her on the door. He quickly opened up the zipper and grabbed her waist while kissing.
Hot Wifelover Story

Hot Wifelover Story

By throwing all the things with his hand he made her sit on the slab of the kitchen, started opening the zip of her sexy dress, and with the passion he was continuing smooching her. The cheater wife was wondering how to foreplay fast so that they could do the main stuff soon. Her lover removed her sexy lingerie and now she was all naked. He kneeled and asked her to open her legs widely so that he could play with her sexy pussy. He was inserting his wet tongue to her pussy hole with a great pace and with fingers, he was rubbing her pussy lips.

It was making her so horny that she asked him to stand up and herself kneeled down to give him pleasure and to harden his big black dick so that he can fuck her so fucking hard. Cheater but sexy wife became slut and mouth throbbing to his cock by spitting on it. That bitch was looking so fucking hot by giving the oral-job to her lover. It was like she won’t get satisfied with sex for so long. It was the time for the hard fuck and she bent over the slab and started shaking her butts to seduce him so that her lover could insert his big dick to her ass hole but he first started sucking her anus hole so hard.

She was moaning so strongly and continuously saying him not to stop and fuck her hard. Then he put his hard shaft to her ass slowly which made her screaming so loud but he won’t stop and started fucking her very fast. Sexy blonde was enjoying it as while anal fuck, he was also playing with her big shaky boobs. But suddenly, her husband came and found her wife was cheating on him with her lover.

They both were shocked and couldn’t understand what to say, then her husband punished her by doing very rough sex. He took off his pants and asked her to deepthroat it like a slut and he also fucked her mouth so hard by choking her. Then push her to become a slave and in a doggy style, he fucked her so fucking hard and also spanking her big ass until it got red. It was all done in front of her lover but in actual she was enjoying that hard and rough sex from her husband as she was desiring for that for so long. She gave him a very sexy blowjob and took his all cum on her face.

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