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I am a 27 year old living alone. I know guys find me hot mostly because of my 34 DD breasts and ‘come to bedroom’ eyes. I don’t know why though but from my eyes it always looks like that I am looking for some action.I recently moved to a new apartment. I love staying all by myself, as I can be any way I like. I think one of the major reasons of me masturbating so much is that I don’t wear clothes at home. I like it just plain butt naked. I don’t know why but being naked the whole day gets me aroused for no other reason whatsoever.  It’s a must try, guys. Let them boobies and ding-dongs hang out a little, free from the shackles of them uncomfortable bras and panties.

I tried my hands on baking one time and thought of borrowing some cocoa from a neighbour instead. So I knocked the door of the aunty next door expecting her to answer but much to my pleasant surprise her son answered the door.



I came back home, undressed and thought about him a little and then started baking the cake.  Suddenly the doorbell rang. I was the same neighbor.   I said, “Hi”, but he looked pretty surprised on seeing me and gave me a real naughty smile. He just kept staring at my body as if I wasn’t wearing anything only for me to realize at that moment that I wasn’t actually wearing anything.

I got super embarrassed, covered my boobs and pussy with my hands, said sorry to him, closed the door and rushed inside to wear something. I got my hands on my white bathrobe, quickly wore it and rushed out to open the front door.   I said, “I am sorry, as I live by myself and not going out these days so I am hardly wearing any clothes and didn’t realize.  “Don’t be embarrassed, he said, happened with me every time when I used to live alone.

He came in and told me that his Mom asked him to ask for the recipe of the cake. While listening to him I realized that he had a boner. I could clearly see it under his cute yellow boxers.

I told him that I’ll write the recipe down for him. To tease him a little, I loosened my gown a little from the top, making my boobs pop out a little, only just enough to cover the nipples .As soon as he saw me and my excess show of cleavage, I could see his boxers rising up a little. And that is exactly what I wanted. I sat down on the couch and started writing the recipe. While writing I slid my gown a little more and now my left nipple was out in the open. I kept on writing like nothing happened. Through my peripheral vision I could see him ogling at my boobies.

His boner literally was bursting out of them boxer shorts. Looking at his boner, I teased him by saying that your friend has no plans to leave, he understood and said, “he can, with your permission”. I smiled and got rid of my robe and seductively said, “you have my permission, get rid of all your clothes”. I want to see you all naked . He did that with pleasure.

He wasn’t blessed with the biggest of cocks but it was just about the right size and had a perfect shape. With the foreskin pulled back the head of his dick was of a beautiful pink color. I generally don’t like going down much but knowing that I can’t take it in my mouth, at the moment, made me want it desperately. I wanted to kiss the head of his cock so bad. And don’t even get me started on the balls. His balls were of a perfect shape, not sagging and not very firm. I wish I could play with them and suck on them for all day long. He kept on stroking his dick and squished his balls too in between. I removed my robe and could see his dick throbbing… that turned me on even more. I inserted my middle finger inside my vagina only to realize I was dripping wet. We were at least 2 metres away from each other but to be honest I was enjoying it because when would I ever had tried masturbating in front of someone while watching them jerk off.

I showed him how wet my fingers were and that got him even more aroused. He asked me if I can play with my boobs too and I was like why not. So I lifted my left boob and start sucking on it with my tongue while gently caressing my clit. He said he would eat me down there. I started rubbing my clit more aggressively. I asked him to insert his finger in his ass. I told him that I’ll do the same too. He said ok but you’ll have to insert at least two fingers. So, we both inserted our fingers into our bum, I had never tried anal before and this was the first time I was inserting my fingers too in my ass.  He was lubricating it with his saliva. While fingering our asses we both continued playing with our genitals.

We continued playing with ourselves in front of each other for about 15 minutes. He suddenly said that he’s about to cum and I replied that I’m about to cum too. He started stroking his cock aggressively and came with a blast. All this while we didn’t touch each other but his cum landed straight on my tits. Just at the same time I came too. My orgasm lasted for about couple of seconds, my whole lower body shook a little and I had that heavenly feeling of ‘release’. His cum on my breast felt so warm, it felt like that he was caressing my breast with his cum. It was thick, super white and surprisingly had a very pleasant smell. I wanted to have a taste of it real bad but I resisted myself and instead I smeared it all over my breasts and stomach.

I gave him my already dirty panty to clean himself.  This is how I initiated sex with my neighbor and posts the introductory round, we had other few rounds of fucking.

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