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Ever since I’ve started having sex with my long time girlfriend, we had the best of times according to me. I used to think the same till the time in a fight she confessed of faking orgasms. That was a major blow because I thought I gave her the ultimate pleasure and even considered myself to be amazing in bed. Turns out, things were not as they seemed. Our foreplays were amazing, we both are very wild whenever we are in our passionate love making game, then how come she never had an orgasm?? I’ve had them a multiple times.

The only reason I could understand was that I use to climax very quickly, whereas my girlfriend would just start to get pleasure. Now every time I fucked, it was no longer the same.  I tried and put extra efforts in sustaining through the fuck session, but in no less than three minutes, I would be exploding inside my girlfriends’s pussy.  “I need to make her scream and give her actual and real orgasms” was the only thing that kept playing on my mind, which ruined the sex game for worst.

So while she was away for sometime, I got an actual break that helped me contemplate why am I not able to last long during sex and what could I do so that the next time she comes, I can literally eat her pussy and drink off her cum and get rid of my anxiety of PE (PREMATURE EJACULATION). So I researched and read a lot about it. In a week when she (my girlfriend returned), this is what I did:

I Masturbated While My Girlfriend was in the shower: So while my girlfriend was bathing, I utilized the time to masturbate so that I don’t orgasm quickly. Everyone knows, you cannot have back-to-back orgasms. While I already had one when masturbating, when she joined me in bed, I gave her immense pleasure and time to enjoy and play with my body as I did with her’s. I was in no mood to ejaculate quickly as I just had one 10 minutes ago.



Edging : Since she had come after a week, I was already on a week’s break that made me very thirst for sex. However, this time my main focus was to make her feel content, so I used this technique known as Edging. After the foreplay was over and the time for penetration came, I changed the rhythm of my cock and didn’t just focus on banging her. I took it down on her slow and slower before I “hit the point of no return”. I’d practiced this technique while masturbating one night when I first learned about it. Trust me, it was the longest orgasm that I had as compared to the other occasions where I just jerked off in a minute seeing porn on TV.

By Squeezing my Cock :  Though I’d heard about the technique a long time back, I never paid attention to it. This technique is all about holding your ejaculation process by squeezing the penis area between the shaft and the glans.

Love before Lust: One thing that I realized all this time that I was more into showing my wild and lusty side to my girl, thinking that she’ll go all crazy for me, but I was wrong and how!! So instead of being greedy and lusty, I went slow and extremely intimate with her. It was the most sensuous thing ever. I was in no hurry to penetrate and start grinding her, rather I had an extremely amazing foreplay, we talked dirty and when the time was right, I started fucking her.

We Had Fun by Changing Our sex positions: Not going by the routine missionary of girl on top that we usually did every time we had sex, we were very experimental on trying different positions. I lasted long because I couldn’t orgasm in any other position that quickly as I used to in my most preferred sex position –Girl on top. Changing sex positions not only made me last for quite sometime but also gave us a lot of options to explore each other in different ways and even more dirtier ways that I’d not experienced before.

I used Condoms that Helped me Last Long: Because I wanted to make my woman scream so hard in pleasure that I left no stone unturned. So while all these techniques helped her attain glorious orgasms, I had take extra precautions, like I used these condoms which keep you going and delay the climax. Also I had purchase a spray that makes your cock numb, didn’t use it though, but you never know, might want to have it handy at some point.

All my nuances above did not go in vain as not only I felt her creampie all over my condom covered cock (I licked it off her thighs too) but I made her scream and moan in pleasure. And she didn’t fake this time as I sensed her trembling body and the smile on her face, not to forget how she clenched me and kissed me like crazy post our most amazing fuck.

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