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Losing my virginity at a College Party – My Virgin Sex Story

I’m Mitchell, a 21 year old virgin male. I have above average looks and physique but still I don’t know how girls sense that virgin-under confidence in me and are not sexually attracted towards me. The other night I went to this college house party at one of my classmate’s place. It was a big house party and we were around 50 odd people and everybody was drunk or high on pot. As always I had no luck and was just standing in the corner having my beer. My college mates considered me a loser and they all knew that I’m a virgin. I really don’t know why being a virgin is considered as a crime in college, my being a virgin made me unattractive to all the girls and to be honest this attitude of theirs made them unattractive to me.

virgin sex story

virgin sex story


The most beautiful girl of my University, Samantha, was the only one that was nice to me. She was dating Phil, the football captain and a big bully. He used to bully me a lot (yes even in University) though Samantha always used to stop him but he is a jerk and he really didn’t care about Samantha’s opinion. Phil was known for cheating on Samantha every now and then and Samantha always used to forgive him. That night Samantha caught Phil making out with Jessica and she came down crying. Phil came running behind her but she said, Fuck you, Phil… You’re an asshole… It’s over between us… Now I’ll tell you what fucking around is“. That shook Phil a little. Samantha called me, “Hey you Bitch, come over here… Why so isolated?” I came closer to her and she kissed me. Damn! I couldn’t believe it and neither could everyone else present there. We kissed for a good couple of minutes. And everyone could see the bulge in my pants. Samantha saw it too and touched my crotch and said, “Wow, you’re already hard”. She further added looking at Phil, “See Phil, it takes you ages to get this hard”.

Phil got furious and came to hit me and I don’t know how I gathered the courage and I punched him on the face and now he was laying flat on his face on the floor. Samantha was super impressed. She said, “Just like your cock your punches are super hard too… finally I get to be with a real man“. Phil was whining lying on the floor. Samantha grabbed my hand and took me to a room. Phil also came storming in and now she punched him and he was again lying on the floor. She unbuttoned my pants, pulled down my boxers and grabbed my dick with her beautiful soft hands. She said, “You’re much bigger than Phil… He’s got a tiny wiener, that’s why he likes to fuck around to make himself feel better“. She started sucking on my dick like crazy. Her warm luscious damplips made me the hardest that I’ve ever been. She said, “you taste so good unlike this asshole who tasted like a dead fish“. Phil was lying on the floor whining all this time, “Don’t to this to me, Sam… I’m sorry… I’ll mend my ways“. But she was in no mood to listen. She was busy enjoying sucking my cock.

She asked me to turn over and started licking my asshole. I couldn’t believe that I was getting a rim job from the hottest girl of my University. Phil shouted, “you never did this to me, in spite of my 1000 requests… You bitch“. She paid no heed to him and was busy licking my butt while stroking my dick with her hands. After that she removed her clothes and buried my face in her boobies. I started licking on them beautiful big breasts of her. Her erect nipples seemed like they’d burst because of all the arousal. I sucked on her nipples while playing with her pussy with my hands. This was the first time I was touching a vagina. She was super wet. I inserted my fingers in her and started finger fucking her. She was moaning like crazy, “faster… Faster… Ya that’s the spot … That’s the G spot … Fuck me there… ” Her moans were quite audible outside the room too and now the whole college knew that I was about to lose my virginity.

Now I started licking her bent over pussy and started stimulating her clit with my tongue. This was my first time and I was doing it pretty good, thanks to all the tutorials I saw on the internet. She was enjoying it a lot. Phil’s whining and her moans made my first time even more memorable. She said looking at Phil, “That’s how you eat a pussy, you pussy” . Now was the moment for me to lose my virginity. She said, “I want your virgin cock inside me“. I started fucking her with super fast and hard thrusts. She moaned, “Fuck me… Fuck me harder… I love your big virgin cock…” After only about few minutes, she said, “I’m about to cum“. She came before me and I could feel her spasms. She moaned in ecstasy. Though I continued with my thrusts and told her that I’m about to cum too. She ordered me that she wants my cum on her face. She started jerking me off and I came in her mouth and on her face. She licked my dick clean and said, “This was the best sex of my life… I can’t believe you are a virgin… You’re so good“. She ate all my cum and rubbed some of it on Phil’s lips. Phil was furious. But couldn’t do anything as he was down with our punches. We dressed up and stepped out, she asked, “We will fuck again, won’t we?” and I replied, “of course, yes“.

After that all the girls of my class started giving me attention and that night only I got a couple of texts from the girls at the party and they said that they’d like me to make them moan just like Samantha.

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