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My Man Loves To Eat and Fuck: I Made Him Do Them Both, Together

My boyfriend like most of the men out there is extremely fond of eating and fucking. Well, I love fucking too and getting things interesting everytime we have sex. I like to make things spicier and hotter. He had been very busy lately with all kind of pending work at his workplace that we barely got to see each other, forget even making love. I was craving to get laid and to feel his huge cock in my pussy. I was so desperate that I’d started to imagine all sort of dirty things that I’d do with him as and when we get together.

So last night I got my most anticipated and waited moment. He came back from work, tired and hungry. I already knew what I had in mind. I asked him to freshen up himself and take a hot shower so that he could relax his sore muscles till the time I lay the table for him. As soon as he got inside the shower, I removed my clothes completely. Desperate, naked and starving I lay along on the dining table with some food goodies out there. He stepped out of the bathroom, naked and dripping, with a towel to wipe himself off, lay on his shoulders and the other wrapped around his waist.

Eat and Fuck Bent Over Pussy

Eat and Fuck Bent Over Pussy

With a popsicle in my hand, I licked and sucked on it as if giving a blowjob.  He could not believe what he saw. He came forward and leaned on me. I threw his towel with my foot and rubbed my toes on his wet cock. It was getting harder by the minute. I rolled my lips around the popsicle, looking at him right in the eye. I made it quite wet as I sucked it, he came forward and started licking it too. He then whispered and asked me if this popsicle was tastier than his, between his legs. I smiled and answered that this one was sweeter, while his was salty and bigger. He became wild after listening my reply and snatched the popsicle from my hand, sucked on it and put it down on my pussy, and mildly rubbed my lips, my hole and my clit. I moaned in excitement and pleasure. After playing with my pussy for about 2 minutes he again put the popsicle inside my mouth and made me taste my own juice.

After eating the popsicle, I asked him to choose from the entire buffet displayed for him- whipped cream, chocolate syrup, strawberries, wine, chocolate and bananas. With naughtiness in his eyes, he took some whipped cream in his hands, and smeared it all over my pussy, making it creamy and white. He spread it on my inner thighs and squeezed some chocolate syrup on it for the extra topping. “ahhhhh…oh babby…eat me….cream my pussy ..spread it all over and lick it…umm……eat it with your tongue…with your lips….with your teeth….I want it all….you are hungry…I’m the food for you tonight…go baby ..go down on me….fast….yeah…there…right there..ummm..my clit…”. He was enjoying licking my pussy with his tongue. He took turns to lick the cream off my right and left thigh respectively. I showed him my G-spot and he stimulated me well with his tongue and fingers.

He picked up the banana and sucked it wildly before giving it a bite. He made me suck the tip of the banana and then rolled it on the cream on my pussy. The banana coupled with some extra cream made my pussy smooth and slippery. He tried to insert the banana in my pussy but it broke!!We both laughed and he mashed the banana right on my cunt. He took the extra smear and tried to insert his finger in my butt hole as well. He partially did, as that paste had made quite a smooth lubricant. The idea was to get as dirty as possible and we were at it. He glided his cock on my bent over pussy, making it sticky and slimy too. He put it inside, fucked me for a minute in the missionary position and then took out his cock. It’s time to get drunk, he said. He took the wine and put some ice cubes in it. He made me sit on the table and sprinkled some of the wine on my boobs and started to drink from my erect tits. He took out one ice cube and rolled it on my lips, gliding it down on my neck, my tits, my navel and finally my pussy. The hotness and coldness of my pussy and the ice together game me the sensation of a lifetime. He dipped his cock in the wine glass and made me drink off his cock. The wine tasted salty and slimy….but it was delicious. He put his hard cock again inside my cunt, this time not to take it out mid way but to make me scream and cum. He pulled me to the brink of the table and entered me from the front, while I sat and he was partially bent. He grabbed some chocolate and put in my mouth through his. While we devoured the chocolate together, which melted in our mouths as we exchanged our chocolaty saliva, his strokes in my pussy had gone wild and hard. We both screamed and moaned and heard the banging of the table for the extra rhythm. He finished before me in my cunt but ensured that the last stroke of his makes me climax too.

We stayed in that position for another few minutes, covered in sweat, chocolate, cream and wine. We cleaned the table and went for shower together. I asked if he was hungry for more , he winked and said “depends what’s there in the buffet, food or you”.

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