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Latina Sex : Morning walk changed into dirty sex with a Latina

A guy who was jogging in the park in the early morning, saw a Latina girl who wore tights and looking so hot, was doing exercise at the same time. He stopped while looking at her as her moves were so sexy and in those skin-tight clothes her curves were clearly visible.

Latina Sex : Morning walk changed into dirty sex with a Latina

Latina Sex : Morning walk changed into dirty sex with a Latina

He went to her side for just normal talk which further changed into Latina sex. Somehow, he insisted her do sex with him for some money so they started finding a place where no one can them. So, he asked her to go to his house which was near to the park and she agreed. And at his house, they both drank first, then went to his bedroom where there was all the kinky stuff available already. She started stripping in a very sexy way by shaking her booty and boobs too.

Without clothes, that Latina was looking sexier and sultrier, as she was seducing him by pressing her own boobs. He jumped on to her, by watching this scene and kept rubbing her vagina line while smooching her. Her pussy was clean and shaved properly so he wanted to play with that by his tongue. In a standing position, she took the sustain of a wall so that he could suck her bent over pussy properly. And he did the same, plus with a middle finger, he started fucking her.

This session of fingering and oral sex went so long in various positions. She got so horny and wet with this and just wanted to get fucked. But for that she had to make him harder, so started her turn by sucking his huge black dick. She took that whole inside her mouth to give him a great feel of an oral job. And after a few minutes she increased her pace, where her saliva was getting mixed with his pre-cum, which she sucked all. That bitch was a real whore, it was making him harder and ready to fuck. He took her in the lap by facing him, though by inserting a big shaft to her pussy hole. She was going up and down to get the feeling inside her deeply.

That Latina was getting crazy and getting faster in her work when he started sucking her breast. After a few minutes they were thinking to use some kind of sex toy such as a vibrator. While she was using a vibrator to fuck her pussy, he jerked into her ass hole. That was dirty double fucking going on, she was literally screaming due to this, but getting pleasure too. After that, again she started giving him a great blowjob which again makes his dick harder. And this session of fucking and sucking went so long until they get satisfied. Later, he came in her ass hole while fucking her in a doggy style. And by taking some money she left the room after cleaning and dressed up.

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