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Jack was passing through the street and saw two hot naked girls named Dani daniels and Nicolette shea standing and waving him from their window. He got excited to see those sluts and asked them in sign language if he can come. And they said yes.

Hot Naked Girls Dani daniels Nicolette shea Fuck the Same Guy

Hot Naked Girls Dani daniels Nicolette shea Fuck the Same Guy

He came to their house and saw two gorgeous girls without clothes even though they removed their bikinis too. With huge boobs, clean pussy and big round ass, both were looking so sexy and started smooching each other in front of Jack. He was amazed to see this scene and come into the mood. Girls started sucking the nipples and rubbing the pussies right against that boy to excite him because both these hot ladies wanted a really hard dick to get fucked

Then, Jack himself removed his clothes and started masturbation while seeing those sultry babes sucking each other’s pussy. He came so fast that now he was ready for the long-lasting fucking session. One girl came to him and started sucking his wet dick while licking all his cum and the other one asked him to suck her tits and do fingering. There was hotness all around with the moaning of these two bitches and Jack as well. Then, he asked them to lie down on the bed so that he can give them pleasure together. And he started sucking the cunt of one girl and penetrating the two fingers in another one’s pussy hole.

Both were feeling the orgasms and moaning loudly. Hot naked girls were begging him to fuck them as their pussies were totally wet. So, he started fucking one of them in a missionary position and till then, the other one was playing with her boobs and also rubbing her pussy when he was fucking her to increase the pleasure.

And now, it was the time for another lady so she was on the bed and he was fucking her from the front. Meanwhile, now the other girl sat on her mouth so that she can feel the pleasure of mouth fuck from that slut. These hot girls were now stretching their ass to make him visible their ass hole so he put some lubricant on his dick to insert smoothly.

They all tried various sexy positions to feel orgasm and at the end, both sluts wanted to squirt together so they started fingering at a very high speed. Jack again put his cock for oral pleasure and cum in the mouth of that whore. And the other one started licking from her mouth.

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It was really hot and dirty sex of those two naked girls with the stranger as they both were desperate to get fucked by the same boy. Then, after cleanup, Jack went off and asked them for the next session but those whores denied because they only want to do sex with strangers only once.

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