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ORAL SEX WITH MY MAID 🥂 Fuck me…lick my pussy…eat it..

There was something about my maid that always signaled me that she’d be great on bed. I’d imagined many wet nights with her. The way she moves her ass while mopping the floor is something that can turn even a dead man on. Her curvaceous body is to die for and with a man’s intuition I can vouch for that she is a great cocksucker. Her fuller damplips make me imagine that. It would be anybody’s dream to make her lips tastes the hot white cum oozing out of gigantic dicks.

As house help, she used to reside with us and on many occasions I had clicked her pictures while she would bathe. Damnnnnnn!! I’ve made love with my wife on a couple of occasions after seeing her nude pictures. They get me all horny and hard and I fuck my wife like a starved wild beast, imagining her with me.

This is when my wife is with me. My wife is usually on touring job and when she’s not around…..well, I’ve literally cum on her naked pictures and shagged my hardness off her. Now I was done of this jerking off her pictures and tried giving it a shot and go real on her. However, didn’t know how she’d react. So thought of finding out by taking a little test and see how would she reciprocate.



Since my wife was away for work, leaving only her and me in the house, I had all the time and lust to convince her. While she was in the kitchen, cooking lunch for me, I went in there to grab a glass of water. She did pay heed to my presence 👀 and smiled at me. I took the glass and while going back to my room, I deliberately spilled the water and pretended to slip. “Ouch..aah”…I shrieked in pain. She came running and tried to help me get back on my feet. “Are you fine, sir”? she asked. “ Yeah, I am..seems I’ve twisted my foot. Can you help me tread back to my bed please?” She clutched my bare shoulders….. (I’d not worn my upper for natural reasons), just with the mere touch, she made things really troublesome down there.

While managing to get hold of her back, I slid my hands (accidently of course) to her round ass. My boner was getting out of control now. Surprisingly, she didn’t react at all and kept leading me to the room. This was it!!!Indirectly she’s given the hint to get into her tight blouse which hid her 36 inches boobs 😘 . We reached my room and she helped me lie on the bed. I was down, she came on top, revealing her ladybumps to me, and coming extremely near to my damplips, asked me if I needed anything. The way she said it , was like she is offering herself to me. “Yeah, I need you to go down on me and give me a blowjob”. She smiled, as if she already knew what was coming. She went down on me and before I could know, she touched her lips on my cock, without removing the pants.

She made my crotch wet and I could see her saliva on my pants. I knew she’d be great but she’d be this awesome…nah…had no idea!!! My cock wriggled like a kid who wanted to get out and play in the open. “Stop teasing your master and hold my dick with your hands…unzip me and take it off, now!! that’s my order”. “ I’m at your service” she said while going down again and unzipping my pants with her teeth. I’d opened my legs to make it easy for her. She then removed my underpants with her mouth again, making me go out of control and laughed when she saw my cock swell even more with her antics. I was completely naked in front of her now while she was still confined in her clothes. “Remove your clothes, I want to torture you with my tongue, but before that, show me your slit and play with your fingers for me”. She did exactly the same!! She undressed herself, making me sniff her bra and panties and whispered in my ear “I know you’d been watch me from the peephole when I bathe, you have been dying to give me a cunnilingus and touch my naked body”…She then got back and displayed her pussy by opening her legs wide.

Her pussy, tight and pink and wet was ready to get invaded by my fingers. But I had something else in mind. She rubbed herself for sometime and I with the cock in my hand, kept playing with it and enjoyed the show. “OOHHHhhhh, BABY—- D-oN’t Stop- Please—-e-eat—my—pus-pussy” , please….don’t make me do this…”.

I dipped my fingers in her sex pool and rocked her. She held my cock this time and started playing with it..pulling it back and forth wildly. I then started sucking on her clit and it made her mad with ecstasy. While she shivered a bit, I knew she was getting out of control, I ate her cunt wilder than before, I kept fingering her ass hole for more pleasure. Oh-HHH- Baby, don’t stop!  mmmmMM-MMMmMMMm don’t stop. Fuck me…lick my pussy …eat it..with your—mouth and— FINGERS-OHHHH” and before I knew she oozed her juice all over my shoulders where she sat. I immediately turned her upside down and reversed the roles. Now she was lying on bed and I came on her. I took my cock closer to her mouth and she sucked on it. I gave her the taste of my long and fat cock and my tight balls. She loved all of it. I sat on her and on one occasion nearly choked her with all I had. I gave her a breather, and asked her to clean the entire pre cum off my dick before I came. She licked the cum off and enjoyed every bit of it. I made her go down on me this time and inserted my cock in her mouth and clutched her head tight so that she eats it completely.

And she did that! “aaahhhhhh…ahhh..yes….suck it,…eat it…eat…..eattt… ahhhhh”. My semen entered her mouth like a hot chocolate sauce and she licked every bit of it. That was the best oral sex of my life.  My wife wasn’t coming anytime soon which only meant that instead of imagining my maid on the bed with me, I’ll make her do unimaginable things with me.

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