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Dressed in my tight little white dress, with a deep neckline I was ready to leave for the party when the bell 🔔 rang. Expecting my friend to pick me up, I stormed towards the door. “ I’m here to serve you Ms….”. The guy was dressed in his brown plumbing suit, a little shabby for his looks, but somehow added to his appeal. Reluctantly, I let him in and showed him the way to the shower area. While he started fixing the showerhead 🚿, I went out to ring up my friend who was apparently coming to pick me up. He would take another 40 minutes to reach and here I was… all alone with this stranger; dressed in my best possible definition of revealing clothes👙 . Exasperated, I went to the bathroom to check the progress so that he could leave as early as possible. The moment I stepped inside, wearing my high heels, I stumbled on his toolbox and almost fell on the floor when I shrieked out of fear when he came to my rescue and held me from my waist.

I caught hold of him for support and got turned on by his masculinity, which was concealed, in his tacky clothes. While we stayed in that position for a minute, he had taken his own time to greet the peeping boobs from the window of my neckline. “You fine”, he asked with a husky voice. “ Yes, thanks”… I said, and clumsily turned to leave. In a fit of nervousness, I pressed the shower button which was now fixed and drenched us completely. I gasped and panicked, but suddenly I was surprised on noticing the guy’s erection.

I don’t blame the poor guy, after all, my wet clothes had made the already tight dress even skimpier and sticky.



The water had made my dress completely transparent. What also caught my attention was the chest hair of his, which made him all the more attractive. Little did I realize that although the shower was still on and my pussy had started to become moist with my own water. “ Your rod is hard, I hope it does the fixing required”. The man waiting to pounce on me like a wild beast became hornier on hearing this. “ My pipe is strong and my nuts tight”, he quickly got rid of his dress and revealed his 8 inch cock 🍌 to me . He grabbed his balls and came towards me. He got me on to my knees, put his balls in my mouth and exclaimed, “ the nuts only need to be screwed a bit”. His balls were too big fit together. The more I struggled to eat them 💋 both together, the more he enjoyed me watch in desperation. He then got hold of my hair and put his long pipe in my mouth. He fucked my face as if cleaning a drain hole. I throated the dick as deep as I could and finally chocked. He literally made the cock go deep down and smiled with a certain sense of contentment. My saliva and his pre cum mingled with the water pouring from the shower, which nobody bothered to turn off. “We are in the shower , who wears clothes when in shower? Come here, I’ll Get them off”. He said with a sense of authority. He pulled me up, turned my back towards him, unzipped my dress and threw my bra in on the floor. His next move surprised me.

Instead of ripping off my panty, he just pushed the cloth aside with his hands and inserted his manly fingers deep inside my cunt 🍑. It was heavennnnn!!! My ass perfectly rested on his cock 🍌 and I rubbed it with utmost excitement, while his fingers constantly poking my stroking my velvety cunt. My moaning got the better of me and again I didn’t know what was coming next. He took me from behind while I was experiencing the surreal pleasure of being rocked with mere fingers. It was a sudden thrust and his cock was inside my ass and his fingers doing the job.

I squirted once, twice and was close to the third one when he turned me again, facing him this time, and pulled off my panties. He made me lean against the wall, right under the shower, pulled my right leg up and inserted his giant cock in my pussy. I screamed, panted, gripped and pinched him with all that I had. I trembled all of a sudden as I had orgasmed for the third time in a row. He was close enough to cum too and quickly made me go down on him to help him explode in my mouth and all I heard was some cuss words that he said while moaning.

Till date I don’t know if it was the water that poured from the shower, the plumber’s masculinity or both that gave me the best sex of my life.
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