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Rainy day sex with myself edition – 2 Cocks on a Rainy Day

Rainy days are a usual in the hills. It makes the whole thing light and hard at the same time. Light because you think of love and want to feel the presence of someone with you in the house if you are alone (that I was) and hard as you want the lust in you to really get the better of you and make things really nasty and harrrddd down there, especially when you are alone. Out of the two, I like the latter thought more. On that note, I thought of going with what my cock wanted me to do i.e jerk it off!!

Rainy day Sex

Rainy day Sex

When you are alone and have all those erotic thoughts in your mind, it’s really difficult to pick one. However, I decided to go with watching porn and instead of just gliding my hand in my boxers to hold my dick and shag it off, I wanted to make this “rainy day sex with myself edition” really memorable. Wanted to start with soft porn and wanted to see the guy and girl get naked, licking each other’s private parts off and slowly exploring naked bodies. I wanted to play with my cock for sometime and not just ejaculate in a jiffy at the very sight of the porn stars entering in one another. I needed a built up, so started watching an old movie, which matched my expectation.

I removed my boxers and went towards the mirror. I lubricated my cock with some whipped cream. I stood in front of the mirror, admired my nakedness and gave full marks to my 8-inch cock, covered in white.  I wanted to see myself during this intimate moment with myself. I started with pinching my nipples, hand slowly sliding down to the navel, exploring the inner thighs. I lifted my cock up while I could here the moans of the female playing on TV “aaahhhh….ummmm….eat my pussy”…I was slowly getting charged up. With both my hands I showed my balls to the mirror and touched it. The cold surface of the mirror created an instead blood rush in my cock’s veins. I wanted to feel the whole me. I held the long mirror frame and stuck put my nakedness against the nakedness reflected in the mirror. I wanted to make out with myself. I started to hump the mirror by also taking a peek down below how two cocks of equal size and strength meet in the mirror. It made me crazy with excitement. No porn could ever do this to me. I rushed to the kitchen and got some whipped cream again. I put it all on the mirror surface for better lubrication.

I kissed the eyes, lips and stuck myself to the mirror so that there is no empty space between the two nude bodies. I clung myself to the mirror and talked dirty to myself in an extremely dull tone (it makes me very hard) “ ahhh….I want to suck that cock…never seen such a monstrous cock…I want to put this whole cream on your balls and eat them one by one…

or may be both of them together..uhhh……I want to suck your rim hole and want to eat you…ahhhhh”..my moans echoed and intensified with the moans of the female moaning on screen. My cock ran up and down the mirror , my eyes shut and mouth doing the talks (dirty).

I opened my eyes to see myself again while I took my balls in my hand and stuck them with the balls in the mirror. I could never have done this in real since I’m straight but I often fantasized and masturbated on this. I spread myself and started jerking myself like a frantic that was consumed by the pleasure of pleasuring himself… “aaahhhhh….I’m cumin you bastard…stop now….ahhhhh…” and I exploded like a bomb on the mirror where my cum slipped its way sown on the table and some of it got mixed with the cream already there on it. I tasted a bit and cleaned myself. I started loving ( and fucking)  myself ever since.

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