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Scary Sex Story to Tell in the Dark

My boyfriend and I had a huge fight the other night. It must be one of those several nights when we would sleep without having sex.  It’s very funny for people who have sex on a regular basis, to go without it. It’s like teasing each other which your naked bodies, which run into each other at night and then it’s difficult to control. I’ve had certain encounters in which after nasty fights, I’ve felt my boyfriend secretly rubbing his hard against my ass, thinking I’d slept.  After getting his cock charged enough, I would hear a mixture of sounds, both of moaning and that of his jerking off beside me.

But this fight was really ugly. It took the better of us and I didn’t want to even sleep with him in the same room. He was in some other room (pretty sure he’d watch our old videos of us making out) and jerk off, while I decided to do the same thing myself. Masturbation does help in relieving your tension and puts you to sleep. I had already started to fantasize about our sex when we had vacationed in the Maldives, and had wild sex under the starry sky, on the beach. I made my right hand reach my panties and my pussy, thinking about Jame (my boyfriend) would do it. I touched myself from over the panties and soon felt the cloth getting moist.

Suddenly, I felt something rubbing itself against my ass, as usual.  I thought how come I didn’t hear any screeching of the door when Jame entered. Proud and secretly happy, that Jame could not bear even half an hour without me. I pretended to sleep as usual (also because I was angry) and let him do his work. We’ve been having sex for the past many years now, but I felt his cock strangely big  . It rubbed and rubbed and kept getting bigger and bigger, harder and harder. I then felt his hands trying to make their way on to my boobs, first from inside the t-shirt- playing, squeezing , pressing and scratching them with his nails while maniacally sticking his  surprisingly gigantic cock and brushing it on my ass. He was on fire!!

Scary Sex Story to Tell in the Dark

Scary Sex Story to Tell in the Dark

It was getting hard for me to control!! In a minute he had taken over me and had started to feel me everywhere. H was kissing the sides of my neck, my arms, entwined his leg with mine; he was everywhere. “Why are you wearing clothes, remove them completely!!I want to see you naked, feel you, smell you, eat you, make you eat me, do something that you’ve never done before”, he whispered, in a voice that made me really horny as the voice was husky.  I didn’t say anything. He unhooked my bra and his foot all the way to my ass, and slid my panties off. He turned me towards him and spread my legs completely. It was too dark to see his next move. He thrust his face between my thighs and sniffed , as if he wanted to smell my cunt before eating it. There was something new in the stuff that he was doing new. He bit my right inner thigh and I shrieked in pain, but he quickly gagged me with his fingers and asked me to give them a deep throat.

I was so wet and horny by then, that I started to suck his fingers like a whore, while he gave me some intense marks on my thighs and licked my vaginal opening with his tongue that had made my cunt super wet and then gave me the best cunt job of my life. He slowly came over me, I could feel his cock in my pussy and then abnormally rising and making its way to my lips. I failed to understand but it was too dark to see anything and I was too desperate to eat it, get banged by it or whatever that I didn’t care how he did it or what he carried with him. Must be Viagra, I had seen it in comedy movies. I could feel the balls against my pussy and the head of the cock, rubbing my damplips like a lipstick would do. I was deriving pleasure from both ends. I could hear him moan in some way that I didn’t comprehend. The cock slapped my licks and forced its way in my mouth and I gave a full blowjob .

While all this was going on, I suddenly felt something penetrating me, something which was painful, entered my tiny vaginal hole. I could not scream because e there was Jam’s cock in my mouth. That thing started throbbing and stroking me with full jerks that could bring tremors. The whole bed had started to shake and soon the pain became pleasure.  I could hear the moans become louder and louder. Soon my body trembled and I creampied generously. He stopped too and had exploded in my mouth, my boobs, navel and everywhere on my body. I smiled for it was the best orgasm I’d ever had.

II heard somebody open the door, I panicked !! I turned white like a ghost when I realized it was James standing at the door with his hard on while I lied on the bed naked, my legs poles apart, covered in some substance that I’d thought was semen.

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