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Who would have thought that the lockdown, which is taking a toll on some people, would prove extremely wonderful for me? So I had gone to visit my aunt when the whole virus scare started. Her daughter is around 18 her innocent smile tells me that her pussy is tight and she is dying to taste the juicy semen flowing out of my dick. So my aunt had to go to visit her friend one time and I was more than happy to see her off. This meant,  my bootilicious cousin and I would get one night where I’d break into her pussy and eat it with all I have.


The moment came sooner than I’d expected. Seemed like the little slut had been waiting for this opportunity. She went to the kitchen, grabbed some whipped cream and spread it all over her inner thighs right up to her pink pussy, while I took a peek at it from outside the kitchen. I quickly tiptoed right back to the couch as if I hadn’t seen anything. The next moment I see her standing in front of me, totally naked!!!! Never realized that the shy teenager would have such enormous boobs with perfectly sized and shaped tits. Her clinched waist lured me to grab it but I shifted my focus from there to what I decided to eat first. “I thought you’d be hungry, got you some creaaaam”. She said seductively while rubbing her fingers softly on the white creamy pussy damplips.

“ I am so hungry that I can eat the entire cunt in one go, I’m only what should I eat it with-my tongue or my spoon… I said while unzipping my pants and pointing to my dick, which was as hard as a steel spoon.

“Ummmmmm….how about I feed you on my own”? Before I could say anything dirty, she came close, climbed up on me, and shoved her pussy on my mouth. I won’t ever forget the taste of the cream, which was mixed with the nectar of her pussy. I ate all the cream off her pussy or rather she made me eat it by rubbing her lips all over my mouth. I knew what she wanted, “eat me if you are hungry, eat me you fucker…. eat what I’ve prepared for you…..uhhhh…..mmmmmm”!!Her pussy lips met my mouth and we were smooching wildly.

It was soooo goooood. She was so enjoying choking me with her cunt that I had to do something to divert her attention. I inserted my middle finger in her asshole, which made her scream with pain. I enjoyed going rough with her. Rough sex is what I enjoy the most.   “Bitch, my time to show you what I have in store for you”, I whispered right in her ear, which made her frantic with excitement. “ I want it, pleaseeee give me ….show me what you have….” .I took her soft hand and directed it into my underwear. My burning hard rod grew even bigger with her touch. I got rid of my underpants and pressed my monstrous cock right against cunny. She became out of control and begged me to rock her. “It’s time to return the favour first”, I thrust my 8 inch cock mercilessly in her mouth by grabbing her hair and pulling her down between my legs. I sat in a squat position and made her eat the entire cock and roughing her up to eat my balls. I took revenge by chocking her by pressing her mouth tightly against my big nuts. The bitch had got me so excited that I could hardly wait to get inside her. I threw her on the floor while she gasped for breath. Both her lips and pussy lips gushed juices. I pushed my way inside her wetness and stroked her hard……and hard. All I could her was her moaning…”ahhhhhh….uhhhh….faster….I want you…..more….”!!I quickly shut her up by pressing my pips on to her’s and took full control . I rode her for good time before her moans turned in a relaxing shout and she squirted all over my dick. But I was not done. I put my cock inside her mouth and gave her the choke of her life till the time made the bitch wettttt with my cum. The milky white cum was all she needed and I drenched with that. I shoved her with my dick and emptied my load on her face and in her mouth.

As we kept lying naked , playing with each other’s bodies, the phone rang. It was my aunt who had been locked down where she had gone and wouldn’t be coming any time soon. This news made me super excited as this meant I could fuck the bitch in all positions possible and almost in the entire house, every fucking day and night. It was the best lockdown …ever!!!

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