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Best Comfortable Different Sex Positions For Fun & Weird

Enjoy Sex Positions

If you want to know about best sex positions, then the first mind it that sex is a feeling of pleasure that should not be uncomfortable. And there are ample of different intimate positions (nearly more than 45) among which favorable choice is different for different people. Some like to do sex by facing each other or some do it to feel orgasm and some like to do hand job or anal sex too. And for such fantasies, there are so many positions which one can try according to their interest.

Best Comfortable Different Sex Positions For Fun & Weird

Best Comfortable Different Sex Positions For Fun & Weird

But here are some postures which can be comfortable for all and have sex easier for folks who are doing the first time:


In this position, mostly girls open their legs widely and straddle their leg on their partner and this is especially for those who want to feel the connection with each other because it will be independent on size, and both the partners can feel the lovemaking intensely.

Sitting on a Pillow

It can provide you support by putting the pillow under your pelvis. For this, you have to bend your knees to move your hips in an upward direction and open your legs to make a way to enter your partner.

Lean sex

For this, you need something like a wall or table in which you can lean against it. By holding the buttocks and make a cross with your legs around your partner for proper support. In this way, you can fuck each other which can give you a comfort zone to move back and forth.

Best Comfortable Different Sex Positions

Best Comfortable Different Sex Positions

Ridding your own

If you want to take the charge then you have to go on top and this position is specially to get cozy around each other because it can allow you to kiss and confront each other which can make your time hotter than usual.

Side embrace

It’s a kind of position where you’ll first face your partner, but your cock will be on a certain angle and the whole control will be on your butts either you want to speed up or down and how deep you wanna go, it will be in your hands because your partner will be stable on a position.


This posture is basically for those who desire to have oral sex that is your mouth will be on your partner’s genitals and their mouth will be on yours. It is to fuck each other through the mouth and give the pleasure of oral sex together. One can do licking, sucking, rubbing, or fingering too, so that there would be high excitement for both.

Doggie style

 In this, you will fuck your partner from behind as she will take the position like a dog and by finding the hole in her pussy, you’ll fuck her from the back. This posture can also be done while anal sex if someone desires to do so. This sex position is one of those wildest positions which can make your partner feel orgasm.

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