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The Snake and Ladder Sex Game – All About Sex and Fuck

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I always have a thing for women older to me. There is something about their erotic, voluptuous bodies that give me the thrill and make me hard even when I watch them from a distance.  Whenever I see the full bosom of any woman who is in her past forties, I imagine my tongue swirling 😝 around the itty bitty titties and juggle myself into them. A woman’s melons do make me go weak in the knees but really really strong and hard between the knees…(slightly above them). While I had been eyeing and dirty dreaming about the babaloos, little did I know that my fantasies were about to get real and how!!!

Snake and Ladder Sex Game - All About Sex and Fuck

Snake and Ladder Sex Game – All About Sex and Fuck

When my butterfaced neighbor invited me for dinner, I knew I’ll be having more  some big spongy muffins. “ I thought we can give each other some company since my husband is away and you on your own’’, she said. I did not quite understand the murmur, as all I could do was to resist her juicy melons protruding from the skimpy top that she wore.  I could tell from the way she looked at me that she had wanted some real action since a long time. She may be a mother of two but I knew deep inside me that night I was going to be her daddy.

Dessert”? she asked. Deep thrust ❤️ I heard and for a minute went in a trance of imagining her dick lips around my dessert and devouring it, while I giving her a double shot as her reward for the sumptuous dinner she prepared. Engrossed in my dirty dessert dream, little did I realize that she saw my hungry mojo, waiting to come out of the cage and demolish what made him mad. Well I was in no mood to feel embarrassed. I rather changed my position to give her better view of what she’d be eating that night.

“Up for snake and ladder”?  There was something about the game that she asked me with some raunchiness in her eyes. I followed her to the bedroom where the game was kept apparently. She sat opposite me, crouched a bit, to explain me the rules of the game, before I could speak, she gave me a full glance of her big white apple cheeks waiting to be sucked by me.

She asked me to take off my pants while she remained to be dressed herself.

“ This is the rule of the game”, she said with naughtiness in her voice which suddenly became husky as if loaded with my cum already. She touched my penis and explained the rules further. “In this game your dick is the snake and you have to climb the ladder, right up from my feet to what you’ve been glancing at ever since you’ve come here”, she touched her tits to tease me and get me going for the game.

I was all ready to win…or lose the game. Who cares!!I was winning that day. It was the first snakebite for her. I pulled her to me, kissed her lips passionately. I came over her and touched her down with my snake. I didn’t want to waste time on the MILF and went as rough as I could be. My snake getting out of control, I put it in her mouth, which wanted fucking just like her pussy. She moaned with pleasure and all I could hear was “Oh Yes, I want it”!! I was about to give her a full throttle and make her suck my balls, and ohhhhh, she was fantastic. The moment I unbuttoned her bottom and tried to slide my hands to her amazingly wet juicy lips, she stopped me. “ It’s your turn now”, the bitch left me wanting for more and teased me. She didn’t know what was in store for her next.

I made my move and hit a ladder. She asked me to undress her and climb up the ladder up. The more she asked me to wait, the wilder I became. I ripped her bottom apart like a demon and unleashed what she had saved for me. I fingered her freshly shaved pussy and before she could realize it I was eating my sweet dessert. The juices gushed inside my mouth. While my mouth was savouring the desperate pussy, my hands climbed up the ladder and reached the boobies. I pressed them as I could and ate the erect tits to my heart’s content. “Fuck me”, she said, let the snake get in my hole . “ You win”, she said, “ride me now and ride me hard….I want to cum, give it to me and give it all…. Getting the cue, I pushed my dick inside her pussy without any second thought. She moaned with pleasure and pain. Harder….harder was all I could hear. She looked sexier than ever, lying naked.  I gave her one orgasm after the other and filled her mouth with my load.

Whenever I play Snake and Ladder now, I get aroused merely at the sight of it, as my memory of the game is a little different now.

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