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Hi! My name is Ria and just recently my boyfriend dumped me. Not that I was serious for him but yeah he was good on bed. He gave me some unmatchable cunnilingus that nobody ever did. So it just happened a few days back and to get over it, I decided to go to Panami’s place for a girls sleepover thing. It was just the two of us and we decided to have some fun (yeah she was trying really hard to make me forget how the asshole dumped me).!! Once we were inebriated and danced our way through Read More

LESBIAN BDSM- I Taught My Roommate a Lesson of Porn

It’s always a new beginning when we move homes. Ne face, new life, new modifications, everything is new. I recently shifted to a new apartment that I shared with a 20-year-old stubborn female. I call he stubborn because she is in a denial mode every fucking time. I’m senior to her in terms of age and wisdom; still the girl got no manners. For a month I adjusted with her nonsensical behavior this Sunday she drove me crazy to no end. I’d come back from my office, slogging and drenched in sweat and all I wanted was to take Read More

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