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Losing my virginity at a College Party – My Virgin Sex Story

I’m Mitchell, a 21 year old virgin male. I have above average looks and physique but still I don’t know how girls sense that virgin-under confidence in me and are not sexually attracted towards me. The other night I went to this college house party at one of my classmate’s place. It was a big house party and we were around 50 odd people and everybody was drunk or high on pot. As always I had no luck and was just standing in the corner having my beer. My college mates considered me a loser and they all knew Read More

How I Lost my Virginity to a MILF & Sucking Boobs then SEX !

“ Suck my boobs harder and remove my nighty, undress me completely. I want you to see me completely nude”, she commanded. I was hysterical..I did what she said and sucked her harder ..she moaned and moaned…ahhhh…she came towards me and moaned right into my ears..I could feel her breathe heavily. She then inserted her tongue in my mouth and played with my tongue while I kept squeezing her boobs.She then held my hand and put it inside her legs,” cares my pussy now and put your finger inside it”! Read More

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