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Tantric Sex – Connect Feelings Sensation Energy Surrounding

Sex has various types and forms, but tantric sex is quite different from others. Actually, it’s not only about doing sex but the connection of feelings, sensation, energy, and surrounding. Tantric sex is about the dedication of your body and soul to your partner and expects not only orgasms but awareness and mindfulness. It can provide you an orgasm where you can feel your soul and also prevent you from trauma. It’s a kind of yoga which can provide you with relaxation of mind. Tantric sex is all about controlling your heart, soul, and wellness by balance with the feelings of sexual desires and passion. When you’ll able to do this, then sex would be a thing for healing and empowering for you and there would be magic all around that you’ll feel your soul. Tantric sex is something that truly connects the feelings of two persons, it’s not like you’re doing sex with some stranger or just for fun. Though, it’s a sensation of love, not only your partner but your own soul too.

And the way of doing this kind of sex is also different, it involves various activities which are separate from normal sex. It’s about the slow feelings when your body touches your partner’s naked body and those moments of energy. The main focus in this sex, is always on meditation that’s why you can do love-making for several hours if you’ll learn to control your energy.

Tantric Sex

Tantric Sex

There are two types of Tantric sex: Neotantra and Classical tantra. The former one was introduced,150 years ago which is based on the intimacy part only. To love deeply and connectivity to each other’s body, Neotantra’s main aim is to get rid of trauma and heal the emotions. But on the other side, Classical tantra was as old as the 7th century, and the aim of this kind of sex is spiritual awakening. And it needs real meditation and practice.

To try tantric sex, you need to do the following:

  1. Space: You need to create a space for this, by switching off your gadgets and devices. Just light the candles and keep some sweet things like chocolate. Purify the space by cleaning your body and clothes as well.
  2. Eye gazing: It’s not only eyes but soul gazing as well. You just need to sit in front of your partner and look at her with love. Your eyes should tell the story of your pure heart.
  3. Hands on heart: After eye gazing, it’s time to touch the hearts. First feel your own then put your hand on your partner’s heart. Do some meditation at the same time to feel the energy.
  4. Massage: It’s a powerful way to increase the love in tantric sex, as a massage on the vagina and penis can bring orgasms in you. It includes yoni massage, lingam massage, and play with nipples. As with slow-moving hands can bring a sensation in your body and you can feel sexual energies of each other.
  5. Yoni Massage

    Yoni Massage

    Lingam Massage

    Lingam Massage

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