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What does sex feel like for Women? All about feeling of Women

This is a question of curiosity among men that how women feel during sex, does it good or not. It’s a feeling which is different for different people even if they have the same organs, some also get surprised while listening that their friends shared the experience which is different in terms of stimulation and orgasm. And if you’ll ask this question directly to the woman then the answer, you’ll get would be totally separate then what other woman told you. It depends on your partner too, if you both respect your likes and dislikes while sex, then it can be a well passionate one.

So, the question is about the feeling of women, how they feel but the actual thing peeps want to know is how does a penis feel when inserted into the vagina. Females can’t imagine what they can insert if there is no penis exactly like men, they also can’t feel the same if there is no vagina even if they both try to use some sex toys, it doesn’t give you feel like the actual sex do.

When the question about feelings is asked from one woman then her answer was, if you are fulfilling all the desires of your partner by giving passionate screaming orgasm then your partner would be obsessed with you.

What does sex feel like for Women

What does sex feel like for Women

 There are some different views of different ladies about sex:

  • “Firstly, it hurts a bit when he penetrates into the vagina but after a few moments that pain converted into pleasure. There is a feeling of hotness in the whole body when there is a movement of dick in the vagina. The deeper he goes inside; that much wetter feel is there as the warmth of his body is transferring”
  • “It’s a kind of connection that fulfill the physical needs and there is a kind of pleasure which flows in whole body”
  • “When the dick goes deeper inside the pussy, it generates the feeling of clitoral orgasms”
  • “Hearing and touching senses become greater during sex as the feel of touch can make you turn on”

Feeling during Sex

It’s not only pounding a dick in pussy to have sex; your whole body works for that as the sexual feelings are generated by so many things. Foreplay is a very important part of giving pleasure to your partner and to make sex passionate. There is the nerve ending in the vagina and anus which makes them a really sensitive part, which can give you a lot of sexual pleasure. But it depends on person to person that how much time she needs to feel you inside her as some can be charged very quickly but some take time.

Some negative things which women may feel

When it hurts especially in starting when you want to break your virginity, even without using any lube. Sometimes, the lubricant used in excess quantity can also reduce the friction that is needed. So, if your partner knows about these bent over pussy little things then you can enjoy your first sex as well.

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